How many Black Architects do you know?

America’s Hidden Gem (TM)

Yes, I’m asking you. How many Black Architects do you know? It’s not a common question and many would have the same answer – none. In a profession where Blacks make up an alarming 2 percent (many reports state less than 2 percent), it’s difficult to find any. Luckily for me, I’ve been able to find a few in my own backyard.

Let me start from the beginning though.

I never thought my paper during my graduate studies would turn my life around and my appreciation to skyrocket (future post about this coming soon). The concept of the Black Architect is an exquisite one. To understand the existence of individuals in a field that initially wasn’t meant for them…it’s perplexing, demanding, and amazing.

I wanted to write my paper on a Black Architect named Julian Abele and focus on his blueprints.

*thanks Wiki*

My paper took me through great lengths…

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