Black Women: Stop Seeking Their Acceptance

The beauty of color by Ashkar The beauty of color by Ashkar

They touch our hair without permission; they ask ignorant questions at the most inappropriate times,  accuse us of being ghetto because we wear hoop earrings and can twerk (this is before copying us and saying that they only appreciated our culture) and they call our sons thugs because they like rap music. They then have the audacity to call us an angry black woman and tell us we have an attitude problem because we get annoyed by this. We’re always the last ones to be recognized for our beauty unless our child is mixed. We’re told that we’re scary and intimidating because we’re passionate about the things we love. We’re told our natural hair isn’t professional, and when we straighten it, we’re accused of wanting to be white. We’re boxed into categories as soon as someone hears our name, but yet we still hold…

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Is Black Culture Selling Us Out?


I want us to explore the concept of “Black” identity in a framework of social constructs that relates to the world around us and the impact it has on our self-esteem.

We are born into a structural society, we recognise that we need to find ourselves in a world filled with endless classifications and when we identify ourselves similar to classifications, it is called identification in identity theory. By going through the identification process, an identity is born. For example, we can label our self a country, gender, religion, political stance, etc.

Our identity comes from relating to the world around us. However, our world is a stage filled with oppression and miseducation of our full history. Our concept of self comes from the social groups we identify ourselves strongly with which is called the in-group and we tend to be biased to the positive characteristics of that group such…

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Celebrating Our Ancestors


Black liberals are found all around the world – they are the ones that rose up out of shackles, did not belittle or pity themselves to circumstance but through great feats of their own, showed that the black race, the Yahudah (Judah) tribe, Khem (Egyptian) peoples, Africans and all their descendants are the true Kings and Queens, and the true children of Yiśrāʾēl

These activists taught us to be unafraid, strong, determined and to never back down. Never falter in the mission of Black History Reinstatement. Black Upliftment. Black Power. Black Progression.

Our ancestors have made known to us that it is a God infused right for all peoples to be pursue their greatest dream, and manifest their greatest destiny.

Let us honour them in this month and remember all they have done to advance the human race.

malcolmx  Malcolm X ( born as Malcolm Little): Born a King. I…

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Ode to Black Love

Broken Hearts, Split Ends, and Chocolate: Life Wrapped in a Blog

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Dear Black Love,

You’ve shaped my greatness.


The Grateful Brown Girl

Today is the day – the annual day of “love.” Engagements will happen. Flowers, cards, candy and romantic gestures will highlight social media timelines. Restaurants will be packed with lovers sharing meals and laughs. Others will be cuddled on the couch watching a movie or two. And some will be reflective of their love lives – either relishing in how far they’ve come or reflecting on where they went wrong. The scale of emotions will run at an all-time high today in comparison to other days of the year. Me, I take this day for what it is – a commercialized way of saying “I love or deeply care about you.” But I don’t brush it off or chalk it up as just a way for companies to make money off of people. I…

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Black Business Spotlight: Mocha Girls Pit Stop


Self-empowerment for women is an important trait that gets overlooked. When dealing with black women, there are many mental factors that can keep them from progressing in life. Whether it is the media or even in the workplace, Black women are portrayed in a negative light. Mocha Girls Pit Stop is an upcoming platform where women of color are inspired to achieve great heights in their life.

Mocha Girls Pit Stop is a blog created by Terri Lomax in 2012. The goal of the blog is to create a safe space for black and brown women to be vulnerable, celebrated, and encouraged. Lomax wants to reshape how black women are viewed in society. This was inspired by Lomax’s tough upbringing in which she was verbally and physically abused by her mother.

I developed a deep-seeded self-hatred that negatively affected every area of my life. Often times I walked…

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‘I live in a world where there is no color’

Nothing bothers me more than the phrase ‘I live in a world where there is no color’ in attempt to show that they don’t condone racism or to show they promote racial equality. Surely there was color in the 15th century and there still is color today because black folks are still being discriminated against and killed because of the color of their skin. Let me make something clear, we live in a world where there is a color. There’s a multitude of skin tones within the human race. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being able to acknowledge that we have different skin tones. The same way you don’t disregard your nationality and are proud to be a part of a particular nation, is the same way I shouldn’t have to overlook my skin color in order to achieve racial equality. In fact, it’s important that we acknowledge our skin tones primarily because our…

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