Art to feed a million people

Every since I Announced I wanted to use my Art to feed a Million People, Ive been having the one of the Hardest times! But Impossible is only a word known to man, not to God. This is how I know Im going to meet this Goal.

Flahn Manly Prince

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Black businesses matter

Black businesses struggle more during great economies because the black worker is able to, and chooses to work for the large corporation. Blacks are coerced by “employment”. When government speaks on black economics, it all has to do with jobs we have or are able to get. Jobs is what we yearned for back in the mid-20th century. It caused us to vote for certain politicians, move to certain cities and put up with certain work conditions.

We did it all for “work”. Today, those ideals haven’t shifted much and so haven’t our situations. We are still looking for “work” in the safest places instead of focusing on nation-building. True, we all can’t be or have an interest in being entrepreneurs or business owners. However, we should all be deliberate in where we take our work skills and who are able to capitalize on them. We MUST stop the black economic struggle. We MUST stop allowing society to compare blacks and poor whites, as if we are both the same. It’s an insult!

We MUST begin building businesses, shopping at them or working for them, even if it causes us inconvenience. That inconvenience will be temporary, like the Montgomery Bus Boycott, until our economic sustainability is established!

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28 MORE Black Picture Books That Aren’t About Boycotts, Buses or Basketball (2018)

Scott Woods Makes Lists

When I made the first of these lists back in 2016 I had no idea the places it would go: Libraries, schools and families all over the world continue to share it even now, and I am humbled by its reception. I’ve long threatened to do a sequel to that list, so here it is. Same old librarian, all new tricks. Same rules apply:

1) Titles that came out within the last ten years (or so).
2) A spread in the gender of the protagonists.
3) Shine light on typically ignored aspects of black life. Nothing against history, but we aren’t exactly hurting for books on slavery. We could do with some more books about fishing, owning pets, and generally any other hobby children have. (That said, this list caught a lot more history than the last one.)

The books are not ranked in any way. Creator(s) are noted: Author/Illustrator.

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