No more turning the other cheek

Mental-Slaves of Eurosupremacism are angry that I ask Yemoja to drown anyone who supports blasphemous images of her. I do it unapologetically because the Orisa are not docile beings. Even your Christian master’s angels killed those who blasphemed against their god. The orisa are to be evoked to destroy our enemies. Oya, Ogun, Ochosi, etc are all considered warrior deities. However, the itan are clear that even Obatala and his wife Yemoja had to fight too.

We are not in a MLK march. When someone tries to steal my ancestors (which is what they are doing by changing her hair and skin) I take that as trying to steal my soul which is more valuable than my body.

The reason mental-slaves don’t understand this is because they don’t understand the severe power of imagery, it is the most powerful force on earth. This is why it belongs to Osun. It’s as if you guys just praise Osun but never studied her itan. The image is a major power and must be protected. Read her oriki for Olodumare sake! This is not a game. This is not an attack on European practitioners of Ifa; as long as they honor the pure Black image then they are alright with the orisa. It is those who dishonor the Orisa’s image (many of them mentally enslaved Negropeans), that will feel the wrath of the Orisa.

Because Blacks have found peace in their 400 year enslavement, many of them don’t want to harm someone that harms them. All they know is passivity. That’s why European Descendants use you like a toilet tissue. In 2014 if you are still so passive against Eurosupremacists, you deserve all of the oppression they give you.

The orisa are not impressed with your passivity. They are appalled by it. Orisa spirituality is not a spirituality of “peace” with your enemies and turning cheeks, it is a spirituality of empowerment against your enemies. ALL religions ask their deity to destroy the enemies who harm them severely. Anyone with sense would do so.

And so yes, I wish death to those that blaspheme my ancestral deity AND I do not apologize.

In the name of Ogun I breathe
because I do not ignore the reality of war. Ase.



Ayan- The orisha of musical instruments

Ayan is the orisha of musical instruments, particularly the drum and stringed instruments. In African culture, the drum is the main instrument for inducing trance. It does this through mimicking the heart beat. The drum is the heart of the earth.

The importance of trance is to inculcate programs into our subconscious (the driving spirit). We are suppose to write our own programs, but since most of us do not understand the role of trance, our exploiters write programs for our subconscious to follow.



The Summer Of The Gods

Film director Eliciana Nascimento has returned to tell the story of Lilli a young Brazilian girl who has the gift of communicating with her ancestors. During a summer visit to rural Brazil she meets several Orishas (African gods) who give her a mission to help her accept her gift. She is taken on an adventure while being immersed in a yearly ceremony that honors two Orishas Yemanja and Oxala. The 20-minute short film was shot in Northeast Brazil which has a significant Afro-Brazilian culture deeply rooted in African religious traditions.

Director Eliciana Nascimento shared why she chose to create this piece:

“My interest in telling this story is to help preserve my ancestors’ traditions. Personal life experience informs its characters and theme as many elements of the film are pulled from my own childhood memories. As a native Brazilian living in a foreign country, I have developed an interest in Pan-African themes. I have noticed that the issues Afro-Brazilians face in Brazil are similar to those faced by African descendants here in the United States and in nations throughout the Americas. As a storyteller and social activist, my motivations around filmmaking are rooted in telling stories of people from the African Diaspora who have often been marginalized by societies and the mainstream film industry. My goal is to use cinema as a tool to reveal the beauty, culture and mythology of these people.”

Eliciana Nascimento is an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) candidate at San Francisco State University and launched a KickStarter in 2013 to produce this film. She has had great success and exceeded her goal of raising $30,000 on July 3, 2013. She is currently submitting the film to various festivals to bring ‘Summer of Gods’ to a wider audience.

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Al amanecer es
Cuando su estrella mas brilla
Al amanecer es
cuando su estrella se enciende!
Yanza Señora de la mañana
tu espada brilla para protegernos a todos!
Cuando el viento está girando y la lluvia trae
Es para lavar la tierra y sembrar la paz!
Es Oya Yanza que nos guía
Es Oya Yanza con su luz!
Es deidad guerrera siempre que es necesario
Para poner fin a la guerra y alejar en mal
Es Oya Yanza quien nos guía!
Es Oya Yanza con su luz!

Via Comunidad Religiosa


Furiosa, tempestiva, señora y dueña de las pasiones intensas, una reina!..Oyá,que sus vientos nos traigan la felicidad esperada y el amor deseado! Oya Mesan Orun!Jekua Jey, mamá!

Furious, temperamental, lady and mistress of intense passions, a queen! .. Oya, your winds bring us the happiness and love we desire! Oya Mesan Orun! Jekua Jey, Mom!


via Comunidad Religiosa