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I don’t know about y’all but the subject of love, relationships, human interaction, etc. intrigues me. I’ll admit, I love to sit and watch couples and come up with scenarios about how they met. If I see a couple arguing, it’s a guilty pleasure to dissect the situation and read into what I think could be the reason for the neck rolls, fingers in the face, and side eyes. At the same time, I enjoy watching couples walk by holding hands, laughing together, feeding one another Alfredo (in a non-creepy way.) What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic.

With that being said, I’ve always wanted to share my personal experiences dealing with relationships as well as dwell into the love lives of others and understand why we love the way we do. Therefore, what better way to understand how we love than with an interview from non-other than The Boyfriends! YAY…

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Ode to Black Love

Broken Hearts, Split Ends, and Chocolate: Life Wrapped in a Blog

Photo Credit:Truly Garesia

Dear Black Love,

You’ve shaped my greatness.


The Grateful Brown Girl

Today is the day – the annual day of “love.” Engagements will happen. Flowers, cards, candy and romantic gestures will highlight social media timelines. Restaurants will be packed with lovers sharing meals and laughs. Others will be cuddled on the couch watching a movie or two. And some will be reflective of their love lives – either relishing in how far they’ve come or reflecting on where they went wrong. The scale of emotions will run at an all-time high today in comparison to other days of the year. Me, I take this day for what it is – a commercialized way of saying “I love or deeply care about you.” But I don’t brush it off or chalk it up as just a way for companies to make money off of people. I…

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Black men who love black women

gray suede

Stop watching Iyanla and watch this:

I mean we all know why these conversations go unheard, right? Why homosexuality and interracial dating, marriage and procreation are being perpetuated as a trend/the new norm. Any Black person who doesn’t know, love nor appreciate who they are – regardless of age – will fall victim to the psychological warfare being waged on Black love and togetherness in the media. If you soak up enough images and statements telling you that you and people who favor you are ugly, dumb, undesirable, ghetto, only good for one thing and unworthy of love, you just might start believing that shit! And throw in your male counterparts echoing those sentiments, you may never recover to even be open to any positive, worthwhile partners or friendships.

But these conversations are happening. These men are real. These thoughts do exist within the minds of many Black men.

Thanks for…

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