Black men who love black women

I have many friends who complain about interracial relationships on a day to day basics. As soon as someone black has a white partner they are all over social media writing endless comments about them being sellouts blah blah blah, yet they fail to mention regularly the black couples, the famous black couples, the Smiths, the LeBrons, the Washingtons etc. They fail to celebrate them, which I think sends a bad message to their children. Sadly many of the people who complain are single. I don’t tell my children to date black. I show them why and how they should everyday of my life, by openly loving my black queen, having fun and showing my queen PDA, (public displays of affection) this way my boys learn how to treat a black woman and my girls learn how to be treated by a black man and the world knows I’m not afraid to love my woman openly. Don’t tell them, show them.

Jerry, US

Pic via black couple revolution

3 thoughts on “Black men who love black women

  1. It’s a nice sentiment but it isnt true sadly. Children or young adults are more influenced by their peers, the media and the overall idea of diversity as opposed to race first. The people that shout their protests about interracial relationships are not ALL single either that is a cheap and easy way to be dismissive. It is often directed at black women in order to demean us as emotional, bitter and lacking in critical and analytical skills of what is clearly happening in our community. I know of many black couples who are loving and affectionate to one another but their boy children choose to date white women because in this current climate that is what is deemed to be aspirational and desirable.

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