The Black Love Deficiency

This is bang on point. I couldn’t agree more.

Bulma's Bantu Knots

My husband was recently asked to be the DP of another project which, aside from having a trailer that had nothing to do with the film, was characterized mostly by what the filmmaker told us was a ‘diverse couple’ that he couldn’t wait to bring to the screen.

The diverse couple you ask? A white woman and a black man.

How very original.


In a world full of romance story lines in every genre, it is disheartening how often times ‘diverse’ couples miss the mark when it comes to showing black couples in TV and film.

Outside of what are considered blackfilms or shows (and even those sometimes), shows and movies that are considered mainstream or “normal” films, aka media that can be watched by majority of Americans with limited gripe…we just don’t see a lot of black couples on screen.


I mean, let’s look for some current shows.

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