Black fatherhood

Black fathers matter

The media may not like to show it but there are plenty of great black fathers looking after their children and teaching them how to be men. Much love to all the great black fathers out there.

Pic via black 365

The black family

I feel that there isn’t enough images of loving black families in the media, too many times were shown images of black mother and child, but not the black family, this isn’t to take away from the amazing single black mothers out there, this is a salute to the strong black families raising strong black children that keep doing their thing and rarely if ever get highlighted. I see you.

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Black Fatherhood Matters



Before our youth understands that #blacklivesmatter, We must first teach them #blackfamiliesmatter. The most vital yet overlooked role in our community is the role of the Father. Before we can effectively fight injustice, we must fight the years of systematic deconstruction of the black family. I challenge you to post a POSITIVE image of a black father or role model.

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