say it loud–“Afro’d & I’m PROUD!”

Creative Illusion

How do you feel about your hair?

The time is finally here! I am so happy that MY hair is finally BEAUTIFUL & EXOTIC! I have always had a dysfunctional relationship with my hair. Even though it was just a little too “kinky” to be “curly”, I never liked perming my hair. I deeply longed for that “miracle” product that would loosen up my kinks just enough for them to be considered curls.

In high school, I used to wonder why afros were out of style. I would see images from the 70s and think that’s so me! But I couldn’t imagine being a professional with that style.

Now, the natural hair movement is here; and with Pinterest and YouTube, I feel equipped with the tools needed to embrace my 4c hair=) … It’s long overdue.

I have seen so many beautiful styles and learned so many ways to care…

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Black men who love black women

I have many friends who complain about interracial relationships on a day to day basics. As soon as someone black has a white partner they are all over social media writing endless comments about them being sellouts blah blah blah, yet they fail to mention regularly the black couples, the famous black couples, the Smiths, the LeBrons, the Washingtons etc. They fail to celebrate them, which I think sends a bad message to their children. Sadly many of the people who complain are single. I don’t tell my children to date black. I show them why and how they should everyday of my life, by openly loving my black queen, having fun and showing my queen PDA, (public displays of affection) this way my boys learn how to treat a black woman and my girls learn how to be treated by a black man and the world knows I’m not afraid to love my woman openly. Don’t tell them, show them.

Jerry, US

Pic via black couple revolution

Dear Brown Girls,

She by Ebony


Initially this letter was intended to be self-addressed, but I immediately realized that the same words I set out to affirm myself with, could be EXACTLY what YOU needed to hear as well. So, this is for you, because not only do we not hear these things enough, but we don’t always believe these things to be true about ourselves.

Dear Ebony Brown Girls,

Hi beautiful. I am writing you this letter to tell you some things that you just don’t hear often enough. I want to remind you of how much I love and appreciate you. I want you to be kinder to yourself. In a world where kindness is so scarcely given, YOU HAVE to take on the responsibility of giving it to yourself. I would like for you to also extend the gift of patience to… YOURSELF keeping in mind that with every day, you are a…

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Black Man Listen

Consciencemind BRUH

Black Man Listen

Before, we didn’t have to curse u

& yell like this

Things were different befo we got on

Dem slave ships

Back then, u valued your queen’s


Wasn’t no trouble gettin yo ass to


Seems now yellin

Is the best way to get ya fuqn


Back then, a queen was her king’s fuqn


But then ya massa told u tht we

Were beneath u

Now it seems u only coping

Everything he do

N u wonder why

Black women have attitudes

Ignorant to the fact tht we have

ALWAYS stood by u

N on God’s green earth put

NOTHING above u

N now, when we need u much more

Than ever

U wanna bail cuz u jus can’t take

Tht pressure

So u put it down, n I

Pick up tht weight

N u like ‘yeah, it’s abt time dat u

Gettin a…

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