Why I refuse to date white women

I’m a black man who was raised by a white family and have dated both black and white women, but after my last relationship with a white woman, dating black women and having conversations with friends who date white women. I have made the decision to never date a white woman again and to some of the white people who get angry with this, maybe you should get just as angry when black men post reasons why the refuse to date black women. Here are my 7 reasons.

1.They don’t understand black people

They don’t understand black people or the black experience in the Western world, some try but most times it’s just fake and done for approval, whilst others don’t even bother and claim it’s the same being a women in this world, which makes me think, if it’s hard being a white woman in this world, how hard is it being a black woman, but that’s another story. This is something that used to drive me crazy. I’d come home from work after seeing on the news an innocent black boy was shot to death and want to vent, but all I would get was a blank stare and a shrug of the shoulders. I wanted her to be just as angry as I was, not just because a black boy was shot but a human being but they rarely seemed to care. Then one day a wise white woman was kind enough to explain to me what the deal was. Your girlfriend she said “loves you, but she doesn’t love your race”. This one piece of advice explained everything.

2. They have a superiority complex

From cradle to the grave white people are taught they’re superior to people of colour in this world, and anything worth creating was created by a white person. Every opportunity they get they like to tell the world of their achievements, whether it’s in school or in move theatres and when other races do the same they are labelled racist.
So taking this into account, no matter if a white woman believes she isn’t racist when she dates a black man, she still consciously or unconsciously expects the black man to be appreciative that she traded her whiteness to be with him, they way she looks at it, is like this she could be with a superior white man, but she chose him, which means no matter how successful he is, he should feel lucky to be with her, just because of the colour of her skin.

When Hancock (Will Smith, left), saves the life of a PR exec, he tries to return the favor by cleaning up the disgruntled superhero's public image, despite the fact that his wife, Mary (Charlize Theron, right) thinks that Hancock is a lost cause in Columbia Pictures' Hancock.  The film is directed by Peter Berg.  The screenplay is by Vy Vincent Ngo and Vince Gilligan.  The film is produced by Akiva Goldsman, Michael Mann, Will Smith, and James Lassiter.  Hancock is set for release July 2, 2008.

When Hancock (Will Smith, left), saves the life of a PR exec, he tries to return the favor by cleaning up the disgruntled superhero’s public image, despite the fact that his wife, Mary (Charlize Theron, right) thinks that Hancock is a lost cause in Columbia Pictures’ Hancock. The film is directed by Peter Berg. The screenplay is by Vy Vincent Ngo and Vince Gilligan. The film is produced by Akiva Goldsman, Michael Mann, Will Smith, and James Lassiter. Hancock is set for release July 2, 2008.

3. I don’t need white validation

Many black men date white women to fit in, they think if they get with a white woman it will make them more human, and feel like somebody. According to black psychiatrist Dr Levin some black men find it hard to connect with black women because they serve as a symbol of their own failure as men, a white woman is acceptance into a white world and a soothing lotion for their pride and ego, they can imagine they’re equal to the white man. I don’t need to feel I’m equal. I already know I am.

4. I want an honest relationship

If I’m dating a white woman and can’t tell her about my feelings concerning race for fear that I will be told I have a chip on my shoulder then it’s not an honest relationship, most men I’ve seen downplay the racism they experience so they aren’t labelled black man with attitude whilst tearing themselves apart inside, many white people don’t like to talk about this as it makes them feel uncomfortable and would rather live in denial even if they know it’s tearing their partner up inside, if they do this they don’t really love their partner. I don’t need that in my life.

5. I love myself

When I look in the mirror I love what I see. My soft brown skin, deep brown eyes, full lips, round nose, and curly hair and I look for the same in my partner, for example I have very strong black features and I’ve always been attracted to black women with the same. I’ve read in a book that when a black man insults black women and instead chooses a white woman he is unconsciously reinforcing his own inferiority. Which I feel is true.


6. I’m not entertainment

So many white people see black men as entertainment, like they’re comedians, some black men feel it’s their role and start acting like Kevin Hart at the drop of a hat to get a few laughs, some will even insult their own blackness or become a stereotype to become more comfortable. I’ve got too much pride for that.

7. Many are jealous of black women

More white women are jealous of black women than they would have you believe, the amount of videos of black men with white women bashing black women is crazy, if you flip it, you don’t see the same amount of black women doing the same.

They are in direct competition with black women and many will say things like I don’t have attitude upon meeting them, because they’ve heard the stereotype that all black women have attitude, I’ve heard white women with black friends say this many times.

8. And The last reason is because………………. Black women are the shhhhhhhhhh

In my experience black women are so down, supportive, intelligent, forgiving and beautiful, I’d be crazy not to want to date them. With a black woman I can just be myself and take off the mask I wear out in the white world, with a black woman I am always seen as fully human. I don’t have to try to be anyone or anything. I don’t have to try to be ‘the good black man’ I can just be me.


Rashid Gama Ashiru

The Jeremy Meeks problem cont…………

The Jeremy Meeks a convicted felon, who was arrested on five weapons charges and one gang charge in California attracted a whole host of women because of his handsome face in a poilice mug shot of a Northern California attracting more than 33,000 “likes” and drawing comments praising his high cheek bones, chiseled face and striking blue eyes.

Capitalizing on his quick rise to Internet fame, Meeks’ mom, Katherine Angier, has set up an online fundraising campaign so far they have raised just over $4,000.

Angier hopes to raise $25,000.

“He has a job and … He was on his way to work. With no gang affiliations as per two of the charges,” Angier wrote on his fundraising page. “He has old tattoos..which causes him to be stereotyped. He’s my son and I’m just trying to raise funds to help him in anyway. Please help him to get a fair trial or else he’ll be railroaded.”

I have to be real here, women have hit a new low with this one. So regardless of what he’s done because he has a pretty face women want to pay for him to be out on the street. WOW.Some women even think he’s so hot they’ve photoshopped his picture on to fashion adverts.


The problem with women & The Jeremy Meeks mugshot

This article was written by a woman called Nojma and is about a criminal who was arrested and had literally thousands of women falling in love with his mugshot. When I first heard about this I couldnt believe it because the women who were making comments were the same women who are quick to say they can never find a good man, anyway read on and let me know what you think.

You know there are some days where I’m embarrassed to be a woman. Today is one of those days. The mugshot of Jeremy Meeks has gone viral and the comments from WOMEN are vulgar and disgusting. On some sites his picture has gotten 45K likes and even up to over 200K likes.

His charges are as follows:

“The 30-year-old Stockton, CA convicted felon is being held on $900,000 bail for illegally possessing firearms and ammo, carrying a loaded firearm in public and criminal street gang activity. The specific charge is street terrorism.”

In addition to the comments on the picture, I’ve read comments of women stating the sexually explicit things they would do to him, how they love thugs and want to have his babies.

And we have the nerve to complain about the lack of good men! Apparently we aren’t looking for a good man. We want that thug love. That thug passion. The Bad Boy.

This is very telling of the state of mind that women have today. We are forward. We are thirsty. We are sexually aggressive. And of course this showcases another form of hypocrisy. We chatise Men for their reaction to women and their looks and here we are fawning over a criminal!

We’d be all over men if the roles were reversed. We’d call them dogs, berate them and of course remind them that this is why good women are being passed over but we are to busy passing ourselves to bad boys to notice the good men.

And if a criminal catches our eye and makes us lose control it’s very easy to see how we end up in dysfunctional relationships with multiple baby daddies. It doesn’t take much. Be attractive. Be a thug. Have no ambition but I’ll have your babies. ..then I’ll complain about the bum I laid down with knowing you were a bum when I met you.

Good men are an afterthought after we let the bad boys run through us. Give us children. Sit around our house while WE pay the bills. Get disrespected. Then after we have a high body mileage we want the good man. We want him to play Daddy to the children we had with the bad boy or bad boys. The same men we mocked we look for them to marry us.

So we look for the cream of the crop to wife up bottom feeders. And I say bottom feeders because we were fueled by our lower selves.

“One user has set up a Facebook fan page for Meeks, who is being held in the San Joaquin County Jail on $900,000 bail.”

This is what we’re willing to do for a CRIMINAL. ..but let our Baby Daddy be behind on his child support…we’d show him NO mercy.

via https://www.facebook.com/NojmaReflects


The Difference between black and white people

The big difference between black and white people in the US especially is white people will do anything to make money except for ONE THING sell out their own race, but black people on the other hand will do ANYTHING to make money even at the expense of their own race. Just ask all those rich rappers and athletes……………….


Always one step behind…………..

It hurts to say but black men always seem to be one step behind. There is nothing rebellious about being a black man and getting with a white woman anymore, it used to be about 100 years ago, but now the white man has got wise to this and realized he can control the black man through the white woman and if the black man is with a white woman he’s going to question the dire situation black people are in even less, oh and if he is famous, the white man knows when the time is right the white woman can take half the man’s money his money and distrubute it back to the white community. There is nothing more rebellious and scary to the white community than a black man and woman in love raising black children who have a knowledge of who they are their history and how to run a business.



Why do we have Black history?

Why black history. Every year this dicussion comes around, in the US it comes around in Feburary and in the UK in October. White people all around the states and the UK ask the question why black history month? and come out with remarks like why don’t we have white history month.

It’s real simple, in schools every lesson is a white history lesson so you don’t need a white history month. It’s very arrogant to call History, History when only European history is included. Black history is rarely incorporated unless it’s about slavery and important parts are left out, like slave rebellions in every country black slaves were taken, like the Maroons in Jamacia, the state of Palmares in Brazil or the Haitian revolution in Haiti, and how it’s slavery which has made Europe so rich. Think about it………………. 400 years of free labour………. millions of slaves worked for free their whole life.


Think back to medieval times in Europe just before slavery. Europe wasn’t civilised at all. It became civilsed because of 400 years of free labour left people with exorbitant amounts of money and an exorbitant amount of time. Africans gave civilsation to Europeans especially in Spain. Then people wonder why Africa so poor, because the land has been raped and millions of people have been taken away.

A Moor in Spain

If black history was included, we wouldn’t need black history month, history shouldn’t be about colour but unfortunately the arrogance of the white establishment makes it so, black achievement isn’t even about black or white it’s about humans and human achievement, we need well rounded people who know about the achievements of human beings, the achievements of black people shouldn’t even be black history it should be history, the achievements of black Americans shouldn’t be called black history it should be called American history, just like the achievements of Africans, should be called African history. Every war in the US and UK has included black soliders this gives black people a right to be included. Black people are human that gives them the right to be included along with every other race that walks the face of the earth. I love to read about black history but also about Arab history, Native American history etc.

It’s real funny to me that whenever black people do something with black in the title white people always moan and claim racism, but these same people never say anything when black people aren’t included in history, aren’t in movies, on TV, in magazines and if they are, they are shown in a negative light. If black people were included and not just as tokens, then we wouldn’t need to have black this or black that.

I love history and when I was younger. I studided white history, about the British, the Europeans etc, yet whenever I read about European history I used to wonder, what were Africans doing when this was happening, when I would ask teachers they would say Africans were doing nothing, I found this hard to believe but didn’t push it any further. I also found Europeans were barbaric but this barbaric nature has been made to look sexy or glossed over especially in movies, for instance if Henry the 8th was African he would be seen as a tyrant, but he is made to look like a hero in England. How can a King who killed 2 of his wives be a hero?

Henry VIII

Then one day whilst I was in the library I came across a book called The Black Diaspora by Ronald Segal which was briefly about Africa before slavery and then about the Africans in the diaspora and the rebellions, until I read this book I thought Africans just accepted slavery, which is something Europeans push in schools. I also didn’t realise that more slaves went to Brazil than the US and Caribs Islands put together. When I read about how Africans fought against slavery and how they were proud Africans who died keeping their traditions alive and about the Haitian revolution it filled me with a sense of pride. I realised that my ancestors were proud Africans who found hard to keep their dignity and were subject to all types of devices to make them hate thier brothers and sisters made me look at Africa in a different way, and made me understand why the descendants of African slaves still hate Africa, it also opened my eyes to how similar the slavery experience was for Africans all over the globe even if they went to other speaking Islands. It always amazes me that I can walk into a black person’s house in the US and see a picture of a white Jesus hanging on the wall, and if I walk into a teenagers room I’ll see a picture of 2pac and Scarface, but never a picture of Harriet Tubman a woman who set free 1000s of slaves, there should be an epic film made about this amazing woman.

Harriet Tubman

After this I delved into more books like Staying power by Stephen Fryer about black people in the UK and then books on Africa before slavery and came to realise that we owe civilsation and even language to Africa, also how, the colour system used to be the other way around, the darker you were the higher you were held in esteem, because the Eqyptians were sun worshippers and felt if you were dark you were protected from the Sun God, this didn’t make me arrogant this just made me proud.

I feel alot of black on black crime is self hate, because in the media, black people are taught to hate themselves they are told they came from nothing so therefore they are nothing, they are told they are ugly, naturally violent etc when you feel like that, you feel no way about destroying yourself through alchol abuse, drugs, unprotected sex etc, when you know you came from greatness, you look in the mirror with a sense of pride, racists insults don’t hurt as much because you know it’s insecurities, you realise that your ancestors achieved greatness and it can be done again, you look at yourself and others who look like you differently, white people know this and this is the reason why constantly bang on about the wars they won, films on Robin Hood, the Vikings, the Romans etc are constanly re-made so the children can feel pride and know they can do the same in the future, this is the real reason black history isn’t included and to the people who say history isn’t important, realise this, the less we learn about history the more we repeat it, even with all our gadgets, cars etc we still repeat the same thing as the Ethiopians and Egyptians, the Greeks and Romans did thousands of years ago.

Toyin Ashiru

Esperanza Spalding – Black Gold

THIS IS BLACK HISTORY – Rappers from the UK