How many Black Architects do you know?

America’s Hidden Gem (TM)

Yes, I’m asking you. How many Black Architects do you know? It’s not a common question and many would have the same answer – none. In a profession where Blacks make up an alarming 2 percent (many reports state less than 2 percent), it’s difficult to find any. Luckily for me, I’ve been able to find a few in my own backyard.

Let me start from the beginning though.

I never thought my paper during my graduate studies would turn my life around and my appreciation to skyrocket (future post about this coming soon). The concept of the Black Architect is an exquisite one. To understand the existence of individuals in a field that initially wasn’t meant for them…it’s perplexing, demanding, and amazing.

I wanted to write my paper on a Black Architect named Julian Abele and focus on his blueprints.

*thanks Wiki*

My paper took me through great lengths…

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A 24-year-old Nigerian physics student builds a working helicopter from old car and bike parts


FLYING HIGH: Mubarak FLYING HIGH: Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi

A 24-YEAR-OLD physics student from Nigeria has built a working helicopter out of old car and bike parts.

Mubarak Muhammed Abdullahi spent eight months building the model, using the money he makes from repairing cellphones and computers.

While some of the parts have been sourced from a crashed 747, the chopper contains parts from cars and bikes.

The 12-meter-long aircraft, which has never flown above a height of seven feet, is powered by a secondhand 133 horsepower engine from a Honda Civic.

In the basic cockpit there are two Toyota car seats, with a couple more in the cabin behind.

Controls contain an ignition button, an accelerator lever to control vertical thrust and a joystick that provides balance and bearing.

A camera beneath the chopper connected to a small screen on the dash gives the pilot ground vision, and he communicates via a small transmitter.

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Super Natural


I recently came across a kickstarter that I had to share, its a comic book called Super Natural. The creator Marcus Williams is looking for $4,500 to get the project out there.

Who is Super Natural? Super Natural is a superhero character I created to be used as a supporting pivotal character in Anthony Piper’s superhero parody entitled “Trill League“. In the world Anthony created, she sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison to the other character’s personalities. This was intentional as she is designed to be a vehicle of “pseudo normality” that readers can anchor to when things get too crazy. Her name refers to her moral stance against portraying herself as anything but a natural black woman. This includes her appearance, her diet and her lifestyle. Super Natural is not from earth, yet she has come to make a home here after some quick transitions into city life. She is immensely powerful and nearly invulnerable to all physical damage, but not immune to the everyday stresses of living in American society.


Read more about it and donate here

The Very Black Project


 Started in a Bedstuy kitchen in 2014, The Very Black Project was birthed out of late night conversations amongst friends including TVBP creators, Andre D. Singleton and Justin Fulton.  It’s the discussion about the black experience and all it’s complexities that is the catalyst behind TVBP.  A post on their Instagram explains what this project really means to black people.

“The Very Black Project is about embracing EVERY black experience, #alienation. Black is black no matter the creed or shade. As you’re well aware, there was a time when people of color were marginalized even worse than today.  ALL OF US. So we are all #veryconneted despite how successful and educated we think we are or not.  Until we get pass our own insecurities trying to outdo one another to look good for the sake of “others,” and open up our minds to find the great gift of…

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Black Owned Hotel Group to open hotel in downtown Oakland


The Homage Hotel Group is giving you a chance to become a part of making Black History in the Travel and Leisure Industry. Homage is seeking to make a change in the American hotel industry, in which African Americans own less than 1% by opening a new hotel in downtown Oakland, CA. Though the vast majority of black owned hotels are a franchise of Marriott or Hilton, the Oakland hotel is slated to be independently and black owned.

“Historically, it’s easier to secure funding if the management is done through established hotel management companies like the Hilton, Wyndham or Marriott,” Damon Lawrence, Homage Hotel Group CEO, says. “But Homage seeks to bring a unique, independent hospitality experience to our guests.”

Damon Lawrence is no stranger to the hospitality industry, with over 8 years of working in motels, luxury 5-star properties, and most recently CEO of Haussotel, a vacation property rental service in Southern California.
The hotels opening and location was inspired by half-Black half-Danish entrepreneur William Leidesdorff Jr., who opened The City Hotel, the first ever hotel in California.“There’s a need in our society as a whole to acknowledge Black culture as part of the larger American story. It’s important to pay homage to pioneers, especially black pioneers, in hospitality, “ Lawrence says. “When blacks did not have the option to go elsewhere, it was black hotels and other black businesses that served them. It’s unfortunate that now we have endless opportunities of places to go, but the opition of supporting local, black owned businesses is no longer there.”

The Homage Group is currently making offers on several downtown Oakland properties. They are seeking to provide guest with an invaluable experience. Patrons can expect to enjoy pieces of African American culture thorough music, art, cuisine, and even history at it’s properties.

The Homage Hotel Group is raising the seed-round of capital until March 4, 2015, in order to secure the financing needed to open the downtown Oakland, CA. location. Make Black History by contributing to the campaign here:

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Breaking the legs

Our favourite actress and model Stefanie Durval is the protagonist in the film Breaking the legs. Stefanie is the Queen of The City of God a favela in Rio de Janeiro.


The cast is mainly black with is mainly which is rare for Brazilian films, actor André Ramiro (elite troop) is also in the film.


The story is about a black woman, who is educated and living in the 1980s who ends up getting pregnant in adolescence and is left by the father to raise the child on her own, meaning she has to give up on her dreams of being an actress dropping everything to give a good education to her daughter Heloisa.


All through the film the daughter Heloisa dreams of seeing her parents together again.


‘It’s my first film as the main actress and mother in a film and I am very happy with the opportunity to have done a great job, and to have the gift of acting with André Ramiro because I’m such a fan of his’.

We are looking forward to seeing the film.


Cinematography by Lucas Nascimento, costume Joana Bueno, make Sylvia Victorian and great staff.

Professional page


Late Expectations

India (played by shebethais) is a high school senior living in Brooklyn. She’s gotten a full scholarship to Brown University and is a model student, good daughter, fun best friend and loving girlfriend. On the outside, she seems to be living the teenage dream. However, it is all a lie. Internally, she is tormented, and hides a secret that threatens to end her most important relationships. She finally gains the courage to reveal her double life but discovers something that shatters her world completely.

This film features a beautiful cast of brown and black youth, exploring love and sexuality. This film has so much potential, but post-production funds are needed to finalize it. Followers, please donate whatever you can to this project. Donations will go towards post-production (which include digitizing, editing, sound mixing, etc.) There is a desperate need for films like this to be seen for both brown and black youth because representation matters. But it all depends on us and our donations!

If you can’t donate, it’s okay! All I ask is that you take the time to watch this trailer and reblog it. For more information on this film, head over to this website and learn more about the team as well as behind-the-scenes photos of the film’s crew.


Memorial 2007

Campaign for a memorial garden in Hyde park to recognise centuries of African resistance

Oku Ekpenyon has spent decades fighting for accurate British history which includes African people. Memorial 2007 is about a physical and permanent monument in central London

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