The Very Black Project


 Started in a Bedstuy kitchen in 2014, The Very Black Project was birthed out of late night conversations amongst friends including TVBP creators, Andre D. Singleton and Justin Fulton.  It’s the discussion about the black experience and all it’s complexities that is the catalyst behind TVBP.  A post on their Instagram explains what this project really means to black people.

“The Very Black Project is about embracing EVERY black experience, #alienation. Black is black no matter the creed or shade. As you’re well aware, there was a time when people of color were marginalized even worse than today.  ALL OF US. So we are all #veryconneted despite how successful and educated we think we are or not.  Until we get pass our own insecurities trying to outdo one another to look good for the sake of “others,” and open up our minds to find the great gift of…

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