Black Man Listen


Black Man Listen

Before, we didn’t have to curse u

& yell like this

Things were different befo we got on

Dem slave ships

Back then, u valued your queen’s


Wasn’t no trouble gettin yo ass to


Seems now yellin

Is the best way to get ya fuqn


Back then, a queen was her king’s fuqn


But then ya massa told u tht we

Were beneath u

Now it seems u only coping

Everything he do

N u wonder why

Black women have attitudes

Ignorant to the fact tht we have

ALWAYS stood by u

N on God’s green earth put

NOTHING above u

N now, when we need u much more

Than ever

U wanna bail cuz u jus can’t take

Tht pressure

So u put it down, n I

Pick up tht weight

N u like ‘yeah, it’s abt time dat u

Gettin a…

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Black Business Spotlight: Fitted Crown

Black SOULutions

​Black women play an important role in today’s society. With all the problems they have dealt with over the years, seeing a woman of color thrive in a positive way shows that anything is possible with the right mindset. Well one young woman is helping black women find their “crown”. She believes they are all queens in their own way.

Fitted Crown is a clothing brand that was started by Bria Hill from Oakland, Ca. As a college student, Hill wanted a hobby that would generate income as well. With her love for fashion and influenced by the many women who raised her, Fitted Crown was born. The name derives from her belief that all women are queens, each with their own distinctive crown.

“To me, being a queen comes from the inside. It’s nature. Women are queens in their own, natural ways, so some women’s crowns may be…

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Black Business Spotlight: Set In Soul

Black SOULutions

1E4E449C-181E-47C1-B33A-3752BC022323 ​Finding yourself after going through a rough patch in life can really damage a person. Everyone goes through many trials and tribulations in today’s society but having that key person to lean on when needed is very scarce. Well now there is place where we can go to escape the pain and get help with our problems. Set In Soul is here to the rescue.

Set In Soul is an online store where people can go to get healing, empowerment, and valuable information to help overcome their life issues.  The creator, Tatiana Jerome, started her platform after she wrote her first book, Love Lost Love Found. After receiving great praise for her work, her audience wanted to know more about dealing with their issues on an intimate level. Being the great writer she was, Jerome started to promote journaling, which is a great way…

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Brothers Launch British Watch Brand ‘AGO Watch’


FoundersBrothers Akin and Niran Laditan

AGO Watch, a quintessentially British watch brand with a distinctly African name.

AGO is taken from the Yoruba language (Nigeria) which means ‘TIME’. Brothers Akin and Niran Laditan, both successful in the corporate world, have realised their long-held desire to create classically designed time pieces, and when it came to naming their brand, there was no other choice for them.

The AGO watch brand is unisex and the collections come in a variety of colours and interchangeable straps.

The brand is already causing a stir on social media and being snapped up by celebrity personalities like singer/songwriter Estelle; Nigerian blogger Noble Igwe; socialite and DJ Cuppy; Andre Ayew West Ham Footballer and son of Ghanian footballing legend Abedi Pele; celebrity stylist Kanayo Ebi and menswear blogger Gabriel Akinosho.

When asked about the concept behind the watch brand, Co-founder Akin Laditan said:

‘It was really important…

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Black Business Spotlight: Ane’ Collection

Black SOULutions

Staying true to your roots is an important factor to maintaining one’s self identity. Many Black Americans do not know much about their African history so there is a huge disconnect that they have to Africa. One way to get people to learn about their culture is through the world of fashion. That’s why Ane’ Collection was created by seventeen year old Petra Anembom to help connect her people to their native homeland.

Ane’ Collection was a clothing brand started by Anembom as a way to express the love for her culture through African print fabrics. All of the products are handmade like headwraps and hair charms. As a native of Cameroon, Anembom grew up around fashion designers that inspired her to create her own material.

“Growing up I was surrounded by many seamstresses and was always going to the sewing shop to get fitted for a custom-made dress, which…

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Ode to Black Love

Broken Hearts, Split Ends, and Chocolate: Life Wrapped in a Blog

Photo Credit:Truly Garesia

Dear Black Love,

You’ve shaped my greatness.


The Grateful Brown Girl

Today is the day – the annual day of “love.” Engagements will happen. Flowers, cards, candy and romantic gestures will highlight social media timelines. Restaurants will be packed with lovers sharing meals and laughs. Others will be cuddled on the couch watching a movie or two. And some will be reflective of their love lives – either relishing in how far they’ve come or reflecting on where they went wrong. The scale of emotions will run at an all-time high today in comparison to other days of the year. Me, I take this day for what it is – a commercialized way of saying “I love or deeply care about you.” But I don’t brush it off or chalk it up as just a way for companies to make money off of people. I…

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Black Business Spotlight: Mocha Girls Pit Stop

Black SOULutions

Self-empowerment for women is an important trait that gets overlooked. When dealing with black women, there are many mental factors that can keep them from progressing in life. Whether it is the media or even in the workplace, Black women are portrayed in a negative light. Mocha Girls Pit Stop is an upcoming platform where women of color are inspired to achieve great heights in their life.

Mocha Girls Pit Stop is a blog created by Terri Lomax in 2012. The goal of the blog is to create a safe space for black and brown women to be vulnerable, celebrated, and encouraged. Lomax wants to reshape how black women are viewed in society. This was inspired by Lomax’s tough upbringing in which she was verbally and physically abused by her mother.

I developed a deep-seeded self-hatred that negatively affected every area of my life. Often times I walked…

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The Very Black Project


 Started in a Bedstuy kitchen in 2014, The Very Black Project was birthed out of late night conversations amongst friends including TVBP creators, Andre D. Singleton and Justin Fulton.  It’s the discussion about the black experience and all it’s complexities that is the catalyst behind TVBP.  A post on their Instagram explains what this project really means to black people.

“The Very Black Project is about embracing EVERY black experience, #alienation. Black is black no matter the creed or shade. As you’re well aware, there was a time when people of color were marginalized even worse than today.  ALL OF US. So we are all #veryconneted despite how successful and educated we think we are or not.  Until we get pass our own insecurities trying to outdo one another to look good for the sake of “others,” and open up our minds to find the great gift of…

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