Black Owned Hotel Group to open hotel in downtown Oakland


The Homage Hotel Group is giving you a chance to become a part of making Black History in the Travel and Leisure Industry. Homage is seeking to make a change in the American hotel industry, in which African Americans own less than 1% by opening a new hotel in downtown Oakland, CA. Though the vast majority of black owned hotels are a franchise of Marriott or Hilton, the Oakland hotel is slated to be independently and black owned.

“Historically, it’s easier to secure funding if the management is done through established hotel management companies like the Hilton, Wyndham or Marriott,” Damon Lawrence, Homage Hotel Group CEO, says. “But Homage seeks to bring a unique, independent hospitality experience to our guests.”

Damon Lawrence is no stranger to the hospitality industry, with over 8 years of working in motels, luxury 5-star properties, and most recently CEO of Haussotel, a vacation property rental service in Southern California.
The hotels opening and location was inspired by half-Black half-Danish entrepreneur William Leidesdorff Jr., who opened The City Hotel, the first ever hotel in California.“There’s a need in our society as a whole to acknowledge Black culture as part of the larger American story. It’s important to pay homage to pioneers, especially black pioneers, in hospitality, “ Lawrence says. “When blacks did not have the option to go elsewhere, it was black hotels and other black businesses that served them. It’s unfortunate that now we have endless opportunities of places to go, but the opition of supporting local, black owned businesses is no longer there.”

The Homage Group is currently making offers on several downtown Oakland properties. They are seeking to provide guest with an invaluable experience. Patrons can expect to enjoy pieces of African American culture thorough music, art, cuisine, and even history at it’s properties.

The Homage Hotel Group is raising the seed-round of capital until March 4, 2015, in order to secure the financing needed to open the downtown Oakland, CA. location. Make Black History by contributing to the campaign here:

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12 thoughts on “Black Owned Hotel Group to open hotel in downtown Oakland

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  2. Great Idea. Your growth has a bevy of Historical regional growth around the country, especially in the Southeast where the property is not as Pricey but the Historical Wealth is unlimited.. JUST A THOUGHT.

  3. Start a Credit Union or a Bank in the African-American Community. Then, I will support it. But, open it up for the purpose of African-American independence no matter what your religion. Don’t be like other black religious Credit Unions. I don’t have to be in your congregation to participate. Obey God by being fruitful with the Credit Union or Bank, multiply its branches, replenish it by building up your cash reserves, and subdue it by mastering the process. Donating money to you will not help me. Oakland residents has had too many people come in and take advantage of the sincerity in the name of Black Self Help. But, these people only wanted to help themselves. With Credit Unions and Banks the accounts belong to the person who opened it. Do you sell shares that will give one part ownership in the Hotels? This is what is needed.

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