Breaking the legs

Our favourite actress and model Stefanie Durval is the protagonist in the film Breaking the legs. Stefanie is the Queen of The City of God a favela in Rio de Janeiro.


The cast is mainly black with is mainly which is rare for Brazilian films, actor André Ramiro (elite troop) is also in the film.


The story is about a black woman, who is educated and living in the 1980s who ends up getting pregnant in adolescence and is left by the father to raise the child on her own, meaning she has to give up on her dreams of being an actress dropping everything to give a good education to her daughter Heloisa.


All through the film the daughter Heloisa dreams of seeing her parents together again.


‘It’s my first film as the main actress and mother in a film and I am very happy with the opportunity to have done a great job, and to have the gift of acting with André Ramiro because I’m such a fan of his’.

We are looking forward to seeing the film.


Cinematography by Lucas Nascimento, costume Joana Bueno, make Sylvia Victorian and great staff.

Professional page


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