Love Dance

This narrative tells the story of two lovers through my eyes as a dancer and admirer of music, particularly 90’s R&B.  I hope you enjoy and feedback as well as constructive criticism is always welcome!

So young in the beginning, she politely accepted his hand as he asked her to dance.  As he led her to the dance floor, she thought, “I’m not his type”.  The music was so soft but yet alluring.  Something different about him, she thought.  His confidence made her head twirl and her imagination tip toed into the future, a soft bourree’ into places in her mind she would not dare share with anyone, for certain not him.  Would she dare dream that he is the ONE?

The music sped up and became a bit louder as the song transitioned into a conscious hip hop beat, making the young couples’ hearts saute with delight, and as…

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Why “Good Guys” Go Unnoticed When Dating Black Men

Boom, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I’m a guy and I’m constantly telling guys this. In my opinion women want a man, who knows how to please himself, knows who he is as a man and isn’t afraid to take charge of a situation. The problem is, nice guys are reading and listening too much to what women say they want, which is always a nice guy. I used to do the same
,but then I realised. It’s important to not just listen to what people say but also to watch their actions

Blogger by nature

For me, the dating scene has been filled with the excessive use of dating apps like Tinder, SoulSwipe, Plenty of Fish, etc. The constant routine of swiping right and finding a match has been my approach to dating for the last few months and I must admit that the process of “trial and error” when it comes to finding “the one” is truly exhausting.

It’s not that I can’t seem to find a man because trust me, they’re out here alive and well, but the issue is finding someone who values the meaning of a committed relationship, and at the age of 24, I am finding that most people of this generation are delusional about what it means to be committed.

Image result for relationship memesDr. Gina Barreca professor of English literature and feminist theory at the University of Connecticut suggest that “commitment” is one of those gender-specific terms that gets itself all tangled…

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By Jenay Wright —Being Black means the world. While many will try their hardest to hide this part of them. I have to embrace it. Apart of Self-Love is loving all that comes with you. If you carry that Black magic with you, it’s essential to celebrate it. There is more to being Black then your physical skin color. 

Your culture. Your roots traces back to the motherland. 

I would die to know what part of Africa my blood runs through. My Black matters and through a lifetime I’ve seen and heard people try to change that perception. Individuals try to justify that anything associated to Black is wrong. 

Repeating words like” Blacks are ghetto” or” Blacks are loud.”

As a Black woman how do you think that makes me feel. I was born into this world Black was born to a Black mother and father. Who not only…

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