A king is nothing without a queen

White men are physically weaker than black men, so they had to think of another way to beat black men, they used strategy and manipulation, women are physically weaker than men so they had to think of another way to survive, they used strategy and manipulation, now you might get men who are very good at strategy and manipulation but none can rival the woman, (especially the black woman who for 500 years has been put at the bottom) whose had centuries of practice, now imagine a black man who is stronger physically than the white man and a black woman who can strategize and manipulate better than any white man or white woman could, that is what they are trying break up.


“How do you feel being a black woman in a patriarchal and racist country?” – ‘Black Soul’ exhibition in Rio de Janeiro reflects on empowerment of the black woman

Black Brazil Today


Note from BW of Brazil: Women telling their stories, revealing experiences and revealing with their words what it means to be a black woman in a country like Brazil. In fact, this is one of the objectives that led to the creation of this blog. Considering the comments we receive on this blog and social network pages, the information presented on this blog shatters many long held beliefs about the influence of race in the lives of black Brazilians, particularly black Brazilian women. The exhibit is another in long number of projects from across the country discussing the idea of black identity and experiences of how blackness is experienced in Brazil (and for good reason – see here and here), a number of which have been featured on this blog (see here, here or here, for a few examples). We wish success for this important…

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