Hidden Colors 4

I’m so glad to see there is another installment of the critically acclaimed Hidden Colors film series. This is a trailer for Hidden Colors 4: The Religion of White Supremacy. It is also in need of funding, click on the link to donate. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/6688684/hidden-colors-4/comments

CFP: José Antonio Aponte and His World (NYU)


CFP: José Antonio Aponte and His World: Writing, Painting, and Making Freedom in the African Diaspora

Date: May 8-9, 2015
Location: New York University, King Juan Carlos Center,
53 Washington Square South, Auditorium

Over the past fifteen years, scholars have shown a renewed interest in the political and historical legacy of José Antonio Aponte (?-1812), a free man of color, carpenter, artist, and alleged leader of a massive antislavery conspiracy and rebellion in colonial Cuba in 1811-1812. Aponte was also the creator of an unusual work of art—a “book of paintings” full of historical and mythical figures, including black kings, emperors, priests, and soldiers that he showed to and discussed with fellow conspirators. Aponte’s vision of a black history connected a diasporic and transatlantic past to the possibility of imagining a sovereign future for free and enslaved people of color in colonial Cuba. Although the “book of paintings” is believed to be…

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100% Made In Ghana

100% Made In Ghana: The Kantanka Car, after years of innovations, experiments and exhibitions, the Great Kosa Automobile Company Limited is set to begin commercial production of vehicles in Ghana.

The company, which is owned by renowned Ghanaian industrialist, Apostle Kwadwo Safo, has successfully put its new automobile assembling plant to the test.

Seven sleek Kantanka-branded vehicles – three 4X4 Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and four pick-ups – produced from the assembling plant at Gomoa Mpota in the Central Region, are set to hit the roads as the company stands ready to begin commercial automobile production. According to an interior decorator of the company, Mr Kwasi Frimpong, who conducted a Daily Graphic team round the assembling plant, at the moment, the facility could produce four 4X4 SUV and four pick-up vehicles daily. (Chief Executive Officer of The Kantanka Group, Kwadwo Safo Jr. pictured)


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Making sense of 70% of rural Nigeria


Positive change need not be expensive nor drastic. How about small gradual solutions all around?

Tweaking perception the seventy percent Nigerians living in rural areas could be all it takes to effect positive change that will be felt by all.

Agbopa Village, Ibadan Agbopa Village, Ibadan

I took the above photo a while ago during a visit to Agbopa, a village in the outskirt of Ibadan. As a fellow villager, this photo is not out-of-place, I only turned my attention to the woman when I realised she has been standing on the same spot for about two minutes chatting happily with her friend – she was on her way to ẹkù (a designated place for palm oil processing).

The woman above could have been from any of our villages in the south where daily activities revolves around farm work. Most people work day in day out but very little to show for it.

Most of the village folks especially…

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Real Heroes

Black people look at the world through a white lens, the black heroes celebrated are heroes given to us by white people, they’re black people who gave their all to the white agenda whilst black people were left wanting, they were conformists, sure they helped black people but in reality they led them down a blind alley, it’s for this reason we are given these heroes because white people want this to continue, they don’t want us to challenge them and they want to keep a close eye on us, this is the reason why REAL black heroes like Malcom X, Zumbi, Nat Turner, Luis Gama, Sam Sharpe, King Benkos, Harriet Tubman and Toussaint l’odventure are rarely celebrated, simply, they done more for the black agenda and if you don’t know some of these names go look them up.

Gaspar Yanga

Harriet Tubman

Toussaint L’Odventure

Sam Sharpe


Luis Gama