Black men who love black women

Some black people date people of other races because truthfully they are running away from being black and don’t want the reminder. White people have a different experience in this world and some black people want to tap into that, but trying to tap into that means in most cases they lose who they are so they never have true intimacy with their partner because they’re not fully being themselves. I love black women because I’m understood by them, because they’re going through the same thing, but worse, we don’t even need to talk, I only have to look in her eyes she understands my pain, she knows where it hurts, she’s got my back and I’ve got hers. Getting with a white person will never take that pain away in most cases it makes it worse, because if you can’t express something so personal to the one you love without being ridiculed or dismissed it causes stress. That’s why I love black women, oh and the fact that they look damn good too. Black love is an amazing thing.

R.L Marseille, France

Pic via black couple revolution


A Vacation For The Record

When I think of vacation, I think of blue skies, a nice sandy beach, warm ocean water, and of course this year for our first family vacation, I had thoughts of us being in optimal health to enjoy all that lovely weather.

Well…(and I’m sure it won’t look like it from all the following pictures) the last thing on my mind was being sick on vacation, but that’s exactly what happened. Our first family vacation and it was full of runny noses, sneezing, coughing, sore throats, and basically fighting to enjoy all the good that comes with taking a much needed break.

I’m not talking about just myself. We were all sick wit’ it. However, we still managed to have fun at the end of the day.

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