I love black women


Pic via dark skin women

Black men who love black women

So I went for some after work drinks the other day with some work colleagues, as usual the bar was packed full of professional white people unwinding after a hard day of work. So I’m standing at the bar waiting to get some drinks when I look up and see a stunning black woman sitting at a table with her work colleagues. I can’t take my eyes off her. Anyways so after 5 minutes I get the drinks and go back to my table. As I go to sit down one of my colleagues says she knows a person from the table with the stunning black woman on and goes over to talk to them, she comes back after a few minutes and asks if we all want to sit together, everyone is cool with it. I’m buzzing. So with our drinks we all go over there as there is more space where they are. I talk to everyone but obviously I’m focusing more on the stunning black woman. Once we start talking it’s over for the rest of the people, we get on like a house of fire, the next thing I know, everyone has gone and it’s just us. That was five years ago and we’re still together now. I told her I love black women she said “I know I could tell from the way you was looking at me”

Paul, UK

Pic via black couple revolution