Children are the future

The Afrikan race today often complains about the injustices of European and Asiatic exploiters. Meanwhile, the Afrikan race does everything in their power to aid their own exploitation. This is especially true in regards to family. Carter G. Woodson once noted in “The Miseducation of the Negro” that the Black person is the only race to hand over their most precious belongings–their children–to their oppressors to teach. The cold truth is that as long as this continues, they will own our children and therefore our future. No improvement of our economic or political position will have any lasting impact if we do not restore our role as our children’s primary educators and the perpetuators of our own culture. Ase.


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Black Beauty


I love beautiful black women because they’re beautiful from head to toe. I love the way they carry themselves. The can be strong-willed but soft at the same time. I love all the different complexions they come in. They age better than women of other races. They have beautiful glowing skin. And they have those beautiful hips and thighs that other women go get plastic surgery to attain. Some brothers like to go for the imitation wannabe black women. I’d rather have the REAL DEAL.

Kushite Prince

The Butler- Why are we still playing butlers and maids?

Kushite Kingdom

On August 16 a new film will be released. The Butler is just the latest film in Hollywood propaganda. It’s the story of a butler(Cecil Gaines) who served eight presidents from 1952-1986.The producers made sure to put a lot of black celebrities in it so that black people will flock to the theaters in droves. It stars Forest Whitaker as the main character,Cecil Gaines. With Oprah Winfrey playing his wife.It also stars Lenny Kravitz,Cuba Gooding Jr,David Oyelowo,Terrence Howard and Yaya Alafia. Even Mariah Carey has a small cameo in the film. Don’t worry though,there are white people in the film as well. We don’t want people to think this is a “black film”. Most of the white men in the film are playing the Presidents. Actors like Alan Rickman,Liev Schreiber,Robin Williams and James Mardsen.And of course this film is by director Lee “Monster’s Ball” Daniels. This homosexual self-hating director is…

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Young people of NGO conduct interviews with residents of one of Rio’s most famous neighborhoods to map the legacy of African culture

Black Women Of Brazil

Young people walked the alleys of the favela in search of people who maintained African traditions. Dona Bahia (center) is one of the personalities in the book Young people walked the alleys of the favela in search of people who maintained African traditions. Dona Bahia (center) is one of the personalities in the book

Note from BW of Brazil: This sounds like an exciting project and I am definitely look forward to seeing its results! Brazil, in a very general way, has a problem with the importance of its African-derived legacy and this cultural heritage is often a source of embarrassment and shame for those who have been indoctrinated with negative stereotypes that have been passed down from one generation to the next. One glaring example of these negative stereotypes is the ongoing assault and demonization of Afro-Brazilian religions. Of course one project by an NGO can’t possibly turn around centuries of prejudice disseminated throughout Brazilian society, but it’s good step in helping some young people learn the importance of this legacy. 

Publication maps African…

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I love beautiful black women because they are the orignal woman, they are the orignal template. I love their flawless skin their beautiul features, their strength, their grace. There is nothing like being with a black woman.

Carl J, London