Media Diversified is a young and growing organisation which seeks to cultivate and promote skilled writers of colour. We do this by providing advice and contacts as well as through promotion of content online through our own platform. Live since July 2013, the initiative is already diversifying the UK’s media landscape, providing important, challenging and new content which contributes to global as well as domestic discussion on issues of social justice and equality.

Our work has only just begun and there is more to do in order to reverse decades of under-representation of ethnic minority voices in the UK media. The statistics are sobering: ethnic minorities are under-represented by 300% in the media industry. Even in London, the most diverse city in the country, only one newspaper editor is not white. One of our young writers could be a future national newspaper editor or BBC Director General and we want…

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Always one step behind…………..

It hurts to say but black men always seem to be one step behind. There is nothing rebellious about being a black man and getting with a white woman anymore, it used to be about 100 years ago, but now the white man has got wise to this and realized he can control the black man through the white woman and if the black man is with a white woman he’s going to question the dire situation black people are in even less, oh and if he is famous, the white man knows when the time is right the white woman can take half the man’s money his money and distrubute it back to the white community. There is nothing more rebellious and scary to the white community than a black man and woman in love raising black children who have a knowledge of who they are their history and how to run a business.



Cecilia Moreno Rojas

Cecilia Moreno Rojas- PANAMA

Moreno Rojas is an Afro Panamanian activist, self proclaimed feminist, environmentalist, human rights activist. She studied at Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua in Panama. She works and volunteers tirelessly to empower Afro Caribbean and Afro Panamanian women. She is also an activist for sexuality rights. Moreno Rojas identifies as bisexual/non gender biased and fights fo the rights and freedom of all people of all sexes and sexualities which is becoming increasingly important in Panama and various communities in Panama. She celebrates African heritage in many central and south American countries and aspires to continue teaching other people the importance of the African Diaspora on cultures of the Americas.



The Uniter

Women’s History Month: Yvette Modestin- PANAMA

Born in Colon Panama, Yvette Modestin is a writer and an activist who focuses on AfroLatino issues. She is the founder of Encuentro Diaspora in Boston Massachusetts which empowers young women of African descent to greatness and an understanding of cultures of the African diaspora. She has been deemed the “uniter” for African Americans and Latinos to come together by the Boston Globe. Modestin is also in charge of Proyecto, Yo Soy Colon which empowers her home community, Red de Mujeres Afro, and she is a member of the Grupo Poesia Colonense Contemporanea. She is recognized for being a contributing author to the book: Women Warriors of the Afro Latina Diaspora.