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Black Business Spotlight: Pastel Rae Art

Black SOULutions


The capital of California is home to many unknown gems and stars. In Sacramento, there is not enough credit that goes around to the artist or other creative individuals that put on for the city. Everyone in the 916 knows their work should be seen by larger crowds but they always stay true to their roots. One artist who has made a good name for herself within the city and is gaining more notoriety is Pastel Rae. One look at her artwork will make you want to buy everything she paints.

Pastel Rae is a Sacramento based painter who has been creating artwork for years. As a child growing up, it started with your basic arts and crafts which then transitioned to painting as a teenager. It was only when she became a young adult that Rae started taking painting more serious as she went through a rough time…

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Angelitos negros (Black Angels)

I was riding on the subway in Spain the other day, (which can be a racist place) when a black busker came on with a guitar and starting singing an amazing song about churches having no paintings of black angels. I can honestly say I’d never heard the song before and was captivated, so captivated that I missed my stop just to listen to him, he sang the song for about two minutes eyes closed and had the whole mainly white carriage shifting uncomfortably in their seats, which drew my attention even more. I was proud that he had the guts to sing it so freely with so much passion, when he had finished the song, he opened his eyes and looked around and saw me smiling at him. I personally walked over and gave him some money which prompted more people to give him money (maybe white guilt) and said the song and the way he sang it was amazing, he thanked me and we got chatting, it turned out he was from Cuba, and the song was very famous there, after chatting for a bit longer he gave me the title of the song which is called ‘Angelitos Negros’ (Black Angels) I thought it was his song but when I got home to check I saw it was originally a song by a singer called Antonio Machin, which was then covered by none other than Eartha Kitt in English and in Spanish, which she sings perfectly. See what you think.