5 Reasons Black People are So Bomb in 2015

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Black people, have I told you I loved you lately?

Not a day goes by where I am not enamored by Black people’s all-around excellence. Whether I’m walking down the street, in the grocery store, or scrolling down my twitter feed, my day is saturated with Black beauty, intellect, humor, activism, and creativity.

So let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons Black people are so bomb in 2015:

1. Black Beauty

Did you all see all the stunning photos from #BlackOutDay last month? Black folks seem to have every damn thing #OnFleek.

Black girls are stepping out with the most beautiful hair styles. The natural hair community is thriving, with baddies wearing faux locs, box braids, Senegalese twists, and afros of all shapes and colors. And the girls with weaves are gorgeous too (don’t get it twisted).

Black Love 2

And I don’t know if it’s because I live in LA…

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#ybnartists: Meklit – Kemekem (I Like Your Afro)

I love this song and video.


If you’ve been a part of the online natural hair community for any length of time, you’ve probably gathered from various Facebook posts, Twitter chats, Tumblr feeds, and the adorable Fros & Beaus Instagram account that a man who loves and admires his lady’s kinky, curly, coily, or loc’d tresses is to be coveted. Maybe that’s part of the reason why I was so overjoyed why my own husband shared this awesome song and music video with me! 

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The Very Black Project


 Started in a Bedstuy kitchen in 2014, The Very Black Project was birthed out of late night conversations amongst friends including TVBP creators, Andre D. Singleton and Justin Fulton.  It’s the discussion about the black experience and all it’s complexities that is the catalyst behind TVBP.  A post on their Instagram explains what this project really means to black people.

“The Very Black Project is about embracing EVERY black experience, #alienation. Black is black no matter the creed or shade. As you’re well aware, there was a time when people of color were marginalized even worse than today.  ALL OF US. So we are all #veryconneted despite how successful and educated we think we are or not.  Until we get pass our own insecurities trying to outdo one another to look good for the sake of “others,” and open up our minds to find the great gift of…

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Una Maud Victoria Marson (1905-1965)

Black Liberation Love of N Unity

Una Marson was a pioneer Jamaican feminist, poet, playwright and social activist. A black Jamaican woman, from the middle class and of strict Baptist upbringing, Marson emigrated to work in London in 1932, producing plays, poems and programmes for the BBC during World War II. She was the epitome of a black political artist.

Una Marson was born February 6, 1905 in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth. After leaving school, Marson worked as a volunteer social worker. In 1926, she got a job as assistant editor for the Jamaican political journal, Jamaica Critic. As the daughter of a middle‐class Baptist minister, Marson’s intellectual development took place within the context of a religious home and the conservative and colonial Hampton high school, where she had won a scholarship place. When Marson left school in 1922, she directed her studies at commerce and secretarial work, and her decision to work with the Salvation…

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Why Women and Children Don’t Listen to Positive Black Men

Black Liberation Love of N Unity

Male deer will grow antlers for the main purpose of battling with other males. They will lock antlers and test their strength during the mating season.

In some cases, a male will grow antlers so large that the other males will simply not bother challenging him. This allows that male to have the right to breed with the female deer in the group and pass his genes to the next generation.

I just saw a video that irritated the hell out of me. It’s actually an ENERGY I’ve been observing from Black men who call themselves the “good guys”. An ENERGY that needs to be checked and corrected. I wish a Black man would stand up and do the “checking”, that would be more appropriate, but I will still attempt addressing this situation. Hopefully it will penetrate the minds of some Black men who consider themselves to be good quality…

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