Europe can learn a lot from a black man.



The black man adores the black woman contrary to what is perceived. We shouldn’t entertain this idea about black men ‘don’t like or date black women’. That is a false concept used to push certain agendas. The real truth is that a black man in his right mind adores the black woman. For the sake of our black community we need to understand this.  Everything is about relationships and if we as black people are going to overcome the effects of racism we need to analyse how we interact, and treat each other.

If you ask a black man the most important person in his life, he will always certainly say his mother. This great respect for black women can be traced back to African empires and kingdoms. Hence, when we talk equal rights for women, that fight was never for black women and black men, as we never needed to…

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The 1st African American Billionaire Who Isn’t an Athlete or Entertainer. Meet Robert Smith


Name: Robert Smith

Net Worth: $2.5 Billion

Industry: Private Equity

From: Colorado

Robert Smith is one of three African American Billionaires. Oprah & Michael Jordan are the other two. Dr. Dre is close & Diddy is closer, but both are roughly $250 million away from being billionaires. Bob Johnson was a billionaire after he sold BET to Viacom, but he split half with his wife after they divorced and he made a few bad investments along the way that put him under the $1 Billion. Unlike the others, Robert Smith is the only one who didn’t acquire his wealth in the entertainment/athletics space. He’s a hardcore businessman and he acquired his wealth as the owner of a private equity company. Simply put, a private equity company is a company that buys and invests in other companies. Hear his story as he speaks about wealth attainment to a group of African American businessmen and women. Please share this article if you think it’s worthy!


Goddesses in Ayê: Model and fashion designer Aline Andrade exalts African culture and black beauty in photo shoot

Black Brazil Today

1Note from BW of Brazil: Sometimes photos speak for themselves. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that is true, there are no words necessary for today’s post! Simply put, the photos below represent the essence of black beauty in a tastefully done artistic layout. Aline’s look and presence fits in very well with our series called “Faces of Afro Brazil“, other photo essays presented here and represents the representation we seek to share of Black Women of Brazil! Congratulations to Aline Andrade and Lincon Justo in their collaborative effort!

Goddesses in Ayê

Check out a gorgeous fashion editorial inspired by the Goddesses in Ayê Iansã and Oxum, along the river. A work that exalts African culture and black beauty.


by Francine Moura

Recently the photographer Lincon Justo in partnership with model and fashion designer Aline Andrade collaborated in the photo shoot entitled Deusas…

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Karine Alves, the only black female host on a cable TV sports station, proudly wears her natural hair; wants to be a role model, shares her experience with racism

Black Brazil Today


Note from BW of Brazil: Journalism continues to be an area where Afro-Brazilians are vastly under-represented. Brazilian TV’s penchant for airing mostly journalists who physically fit the European standard has been observed by many Brazilians as well as foreigners visiting the country (see here and here). This is perhaps one of the main reasons why Globo TV’s first Jornal Nacional weather girl, Maria Júlia Coutinho, was the target of such blatant racism several months back. While there are still few prominent black journalists on the air, those who are there are highly respected for their competence and professionalism. Today, we present to you Karine Alves, a woman who has made a name for herself in the world of sports journalism. 

Sports host saw racial prejudice while dating and wants to be a reference on TV

By Leandro Carneiro

Karine Alves is part of the team of reporters and hosts of Fox Sports Karine Alves is part of the team of reporters…

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