The problem with what Azealia Banks said on Twitter

soooooooo after all the ranting about racism Azealia Banks has come out and stated on Twitter that she doesn’t date black men because they are too much stress and take black women for granted so she prefers white men, the same white men who are the reason for the racism she so openly talks about. According to her she prefers for things to be nice and easy when she gets home, well let me tell you something as a black man who was brought up by a white family, I think Azealia banks is disillusioned, things are nice and easy until something happens concerning race, which is pretty often and then things go from bad to worse because the white person even though they may love you, just doesn’t understand and will label you that angry black person with a chip on their shoulder always talking about racism, at first when you start dating they think it’s cute but then it starts to wear them down because you keep identifying the white privillege that they so dearly want to keep hold of and they just label you that angry black person, and if you decide to have a child with that white person things will go from bad to worse, the child will be birracial and the white partner will pretend to the child that racism doesn’t exist making things even more frustrating. I really think someone needs to sit down and talk to Azealia Banks because as each day passes she’s becoming more and more of an embarrassment.


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Black women dating white men

When I see black women who only date white men. I see this anger in their eyes directed at black men. I feel this intense hate, I’ve seen black women walking with white men who will try to catch my attention, just to make sure I see them and then smile like look at me, but when I really look in their eyes past this anger and hate. I see hurt and pain, like I’m not doing this because I want to, I’m doing this because you made me do it, I’m doing this because of all the time you have disrespected me by calling me ugly I’m doing this so you know how it feels when I see you chasing all these blue eyed, blonde haired white women, leaving me on the shelf, and you know what, when I see that look I don’t blame the black woman I blame the black men who left her on the shelf for white women they thought were easy, yet turned out to be hard. In every race women look for their men to validate them, when their men don’t, they grow up with self-hate.


Afro-Ecuadorian Poets Tell their Stories at Cuban Fair

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Seventeen Afro-Ecuadorian women, Sulia Caicedo among them, related their sorrows, joys, defeats and aspirations through poetry, in an anthology that was released yesterday in Havana as part of the 22nd International Book Fair.

The volume, prepared as part of a project implemented by the Coordinated Heritage Ministry in Ecuador, aims to bring readers closer to the written work of Afro-descendant poets from that nation, honorary guest at Cuba’s next literary event.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Caicedo recalled her beginnings in poetry, which date back to her student days, although her love for spoken verse comes from her parents, who also recite poetry, something that helped with her training.

She said that at the age of 15, she wrote little poems, “just for entertainment and not consciously. Then, I met a woman in my hometown Esmeralda who encouraged me to write, leaving behind the shyness of adolescence,” she said.


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The problem with common’s statement…………


The problem with Common’s statement that in order to end racism black people should extend a loving hand to white people is, black people are the victims of racism, why is it up to the victim to extend a loving hand to the agressor, especially when they already have and have been beaten, tortured and killed in the past for doing so, black people have constantly been extending a loving hand to white people so much so that when there is a black person who doesn’t it’s always highlighted because it’s not the norm, should raped women extend a loving hand to the men who raped them, shouldn’t it be the agressor showing a loving hand to the victim asking for forgiveness.

The Mother of Guitar


Born Peggy Jones, the woman that would come to be known as Lady Bo bought her first guitar in 1955, at the age of 15, and met up with Bo Diddley a year later, becoming his first of several guitar-slinging female sidekicks. Playing on Bo’s recordings of “Hey, Bo Diddley,” “Mona,” “Say Man,” “Crackin’ Up,” “Road Runner,” “Bo Diddley’s A Gunslinger,” and the jaw-dropping “Aztec” and “Lady Bo Live,” in 1962 she moved onto studio work that found her kickin’ up a ruckus on hits by the Bopchords and the Continentals, but most notably Les Cooper (“Owee Baby”) and the Soul Rockers’ crazed smash “Wiggle Wobble” (King Curtis on sax) backed with “Dig Yourself.” She later spent time in the rhythm sections of James Brown’s and Sam and Dave’s bands and, not surprisingly, was heavily influenced by the Latin rhythms of Mongo Santamaria.

Lady Bo sent the Mau Mau this live recording of her reworking of the classic “I’m Sorry”- “Say That You Love Me” at Monterey Bay Blues Festival. The man himself weighs in thusly:

“I’ve known LADY BO since she was about 16 or 17 years old. I coached her and taught her to play and helped, too…She was playing a little bit, but she wanted to play like me. I let her hang around, and she picked up what she could, and she knows every move I make…She is the only one that knows the original ways…” BO DIDDLEY #‪#‎black365‬

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“Before You Sign To Play”, For College Student-Athletes and their family and friends.

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The color of your skin, the way people treat you is based off of what shade of brown they see. The latest ignorance of a frat group from a major University has hit close to home for me, as I am a former Student-Athlete and I am writing a book to address the falsehood that athletes are not intellectuals and reveal the life lessons football has taught us about ourselves, this world, and the people in it.

The Oklahoma Issue.

I hear a few people allude, when talking about this issue in Oklahoma; the boys who sung the intentions revealing song obviously were liquored up. I have learned that the consumption of alcohol in excess removes the protection or effectiveness of the conscious mind. Your Subconscious mind is left to fend for itself, which it can only enable you to do and say those things in which you have nourished…

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