Men Stand Up!

R U Serious!!!

Men, we have to stop making excuses for why you do not have to be daddies to your kids. Guys if you are raising boys, raise them!! Do not allow the streets to do it. Man up!  I understand that you may not have had a man in your home, while you were growing up. Set a different standard for your kids. If you do not know how or what that means pick up a book, join a men’s group the best way to display growth is asking for help.

Raising your son is more than raising him to be tough. Tough is not the only display of manhood. Raise him to be smart and tough. Teach him to respect his mother and sister. Teach him to respect authority. Teach him to be articulate. Teach him that his appearance matters. Teach him that as young black men we are going…

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Woman In Tech Develops First App Dedicated To African And Caribbean Food in The UK


vivianVivian Ngwodo is part of a new generation of women, particularly women of African descent, who are using technology to take ownership of the entrepreneurial landscape. Born and raised in Nigeria, Vivian has always been a solutions provider, a problem solver and lover of food.

In 2010, Vivian resigned from her Foreign Operations job in one of Nigeria’s major banks and embarked on a journey to Scotland to pursue a Master’s Degree and began her career journey in the U.K financial industry. She relocated to London in 2012 to start a new job and was excited at the fact that being in London also meant having more access to her beloved Nigerian food. However, Vivian soon discovered how difficult and frustrating it was to find Nigerian or other African restaurants in London. Even though she quickly adapted to British and Asian foods which were readily available, once in a while…

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The raised fist 

I love this. You learn something new everyday. Peace.

ShAyLa ReNé

“The raised ✊🏾 ”

Dated back to ancient Assyria as a symbol of resistance in the face of violence, the raised fist, or clenched fist, is a symbol of solidarity and support. It is also used as a salute to express unity, strength, defiance, or resistance.

Red: represents the blood that has been shed for redemption and liberty

Black: represents the noble and distinguished race to which we belong

Green: represents the luxuriant vegetation of our Motherland.

Know and learn your history. Happy Black Heritage Month.

👚: ElDot Creative

👗: Victoria Salau

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Black Women: Stop Seeking Their Acceptance

The beauty of color by Ashkar The beauty of color by Ashkar

They touch our hair without permission; they ask ignorant questions at the most inappropriate times,  accuse us of being ghetto because we wear hoop earrings and can twerk (this is before copying us and saying that they only appreciated our culture) and they call our sons thugs because they like rap music. They then have the audacity to call us an angry black woman and tell us we have an attitude problem because we get annoyed by this. We’re always the last ones to be recognized for our beauty unless our child is mixed. We’re told that we’re scary and intimidating because we’re passionate about the things we love. We’re told our natural hair isn’t professional, and when we straighten it, we’re accused of wanting to be white. We’re boxed into categories as soon as someone hears our name, but yet we still hold…

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