Melanin is all and everything


Melanin acts as a black holes absorbing, conducting, transforming ALL sounds,electrical, magnetic, light, heat, radiation, waves, and frequencies.

Melanin gives us the ability to use our bodies as direct connections with the God Force, the Source of all Energy.

BLACKNESS is a divine, cosmic principle of the Universe.

The “Black Body” is known to be a perfect absorber, transformer, conductor and radiator of all forms of light and energy.


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motherThe Black woman is the only organism that possesses the mitochondrial DNA that has all the variations possible for every different kind of human being on this Earth. When the DNA of a Black woman mutates, all other types of humans come about. This is called the EVE gene and is only found in Black women.

Do you believe it? Is this why society downplays our greatness?

Is this why so many of us mysteriously disappear?

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Beyond the aesthetic question, kinky/curly hair is a symbol of resistance against racism: after straightening for years, woman feels empowered with natural hair

Black Brazil Today


Note from BW of Brazil: The discovery of the beauty in kinky/curly hair is a process that tens of thousands of Afro-Brazilian women are experiencing these days (see here and here). Obviously more than simply an issue of beauty aesthetics, it is a symbol of the struggle against the racist concepts of the beautiful and the ugly that permeate Brazilian society. The fact that the story below is so common among black women reveals how people of visible African ancestry struggle with self-acceptance when everyone is taught to believe that certain features, such as straight hair, are better than others. Below is yet another example of the natural hair revolution that is has slowly taken place in Brazil over the past few decades. 

Raísa Azeredo

Beyond the aesthetic question, kinky/curly hair is a symbol of resistance against racism

Stories such as that of the publicist Raísa Azeredo, who started straightening…

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Black Men “vs.” Womanhood

Let Me Talk

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines Womanhood as “the distinguishing character or qualities of a woman” Womanhood can also be construed as the “state or condition of being a woman.” In the biblical sense, women are seen as the equalizer, the true of fruits man’s spiritual labor, a blessing only bestowed upon those deemed worthy enough to bask in ambiance of the fairer sex. Proverbs 19:14 tells us “House and wealth are inherited from fathers, but a prudent wife is from the lord.” The woman is the creator and curator of life, the culmination of all things beautiful in this world. Her aura is the summation of things ordered by the Lord himself, an earthly testament to his grace and benevolence. The woman is the spiritual guide, always ready to soothe the inhibitions of men too prideful or too “powerful” to humble themselves. The woman is to be revered and respected…

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Love a black man

​I just had to share this photo today. This is my husband on the left and his first officer on his flight. Only 2.7 percent of airline pilots are African American. This makes me so incredibly proud to see this photo knowing how much education and training goes into a career like this. To make it this far, you have to be the best! So with all the negativity out there in the world right now, I hope you see this. – Dede (proud wife) 

We see and salute you both for showing young boys that look like you, that they too can soar. #becauseofthemwecan

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