Black men who love black women


Stop watching Iyanla and watch this:

I mean we all know why these conversations go unheard, right? Why homosexuality and interracial dating, marriage and procreation are being perpetuated as a trend/the new norm. Any Black person who doesn’t know, love nor appreciate who they are – regardless of age – will fall victim to the psychological warfare being waged on Black love and togetherness in the media. If you soak up enough images and statements telling you that you and people who favor you are ugly, dumb, undesirable, ghetto, only good for one thing and unworthy of love, you just might start believing that shit! And throw in your male counterparts echoing those sentiments, you may never recover to even be open to any positive, worthwhile partners or friendships.

But these conversations are happening. These men are real. These thoughts do exist within the minds of many Black men.

Thanks for…

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YOU go get a perm, Dick.


I met a young lady a few weeks ago who broke my heart. A little. Since my arms were full, she – let’s call her Angel – greeted me with a warm half hug and a loving cheek squish followed up with a shower of compliments to my freshly chopped low fade. Angel went on to say she’d been natural before, but her husband (let’s call him Dick) told her to “go back.”

*sings whatcha say to me??! in my Sampha voice*

Smoothing her gelled nape, she claimed to be a lil rebel who let it get a little nappy before scheduling a retouch. Somehow I maintained an engaged, non-wtf expression as my stomach sunk a bit. We ended the segment with Angel saying she’d again return natural… one day.

Now I am no relationship expert but I know enough to know that when you love and when you’re in…

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Disturbing trend with interracial (IR) relationships

One Tawny Stranger

Note: for the purposes of this post interracial means ‘black’-‘white’ unless stated otherwise. And it’s very picture-heavy. 

Before anyone jumps on the bandwagon and labels me intolerant, I have nothing against interracial relationships. In an ideal world it wouldn’t be an issue at all. Even in this non-ideal racism-riddled world they can still work. I especially have nothing against ‘black’/’white’ people, they’re still just people no matter what.

IMG_20160601_093612.jpg Cringing at the Godly part but whatever floats your boat…

However, I’m not going to ignore personal experience. As a Londoner I’ve spoken to guys of all backgrounds. One thing I’ve noticed, especially among my generation and younger, is the number of ‘black’ men who want ‘white’ women. Nothing wrong with that. Often they’ll also say it’s not just ‘white’ women they want, they’ll go for any other type of woman. All good…


This is where the problem lies. They…

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It’s Not Enough to Say “I love Black Women.”


You know the saying “actions speak louder than words?” Generic, right? But relevant? Yes. Always. You can say one thing but if your actions don’t align, your legitimacy is invalidated.

It’s no secret that misogynoir (anti-black misogyny) is a bonding agent among many. Many people of all different races love to see the dehumanization and belittlement of black women on display for their entertainment. You don’t believe me? Look on Twitter. On Twitter, many people–specifically young black men–have built an audience simply from constantly slandering black girls; and I’m talking an audience of 10K or more followers. “RT to make a black girl mad”, “Ruin a Black Girl’s Day” are some of the few various trending topics created by black guys to publicly humiliate black girls. It became so popular that even generic, parody accounts started tweeting “RT to make a black girl mad *insert picture of white girl with…

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