Anacaona was one of the highest Caciques or chief who possessed the Island of Hispaniola when the Spaniards settled there. Her date of birth and date of death are both unknown. She is a significant icon in early Haitian History, the primordial founder of Haiti and she is considered to be the first Haitian hero. She is revered in immortalized in the intertwining histories of both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Her name Arawak Anacaona means “Golden Flowers”. She married Caonabo, a chief of another cacicazgos and leave the leadership to his brother Bohechio. From that union, a baby girl named Higuamota was born. Nothing else other than her name is known about her.

Anacaona and her husband Caonabo were the first to fight off the Spaniards conquerors, but without any success. she got captured by Nicola De Ovando during a feast organized by the Spaniards pretending to honor her kindness. Nicola De Ovando captured her and hanged her. She was 29 when She died. Today she is very much revered in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic and some other Carribean Countries. Anacaona died for her willingness to accept peace from the Spaniards, her kindness and for fighting those who invaded, stolen her lands and enslaved her people.

May she be remembered for her struggles, her talents, and the amazing leadership depicted through her historical importance. She is truly an iconic symbol for women fighters in this world.

Renowned Haitian American author Edwige Danticat Wrote and award winning novel in dedication to the befallen chief.

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The Europeans are not yet willing to acknowledge that the world did not wait in darkness for them to bring the light, and that the history of Africa was already old when Europe was born.

John Henrik Clarke, “Education for a New Reality in the African World” (1994)

Chinua Achebe Dead: ‘Things Fall Apart’ Author Dies At 82

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Nigerian author Chinua Achebe has passed away at the age of 82.  Rumors of failing health had been circulating for some time, but his death was confirmed

Born in 1930 Achebe was vocal academic and activist who penned several books including his 1958 classic, “Things Fall Apart.” Set in an Igbo village in Nigeria, the novel highlighted the clash between  a Nigerian tribesman and British colonialists. It was translated into 50 languages and sold more than 10 million copies around the world.

The book also inspired the 1999 album by The Roots of the same name. Band member ?uestlove tweeted his condolences to the author.

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