10 Hip Hop Songs that Uplift Black Woman

Angry Black Woman Watch

From Essence.com with editional commentary by your truly
Snoop Dogg recently announced that he owes it to his women fans to move forward producing more “female-friendly” records. Over his illustrious 18 years as a gangsta rapper, Snoop has agreed that making songs that objectify and exploit women are just not that cool anymore. I guess he finally realized that he was talking about his wife and daughter.
Emcees releasing female-friendly rap songs are few and far between, and it’s still the status quo in rap to hear the words, “b-tch” and “ho.” However, instead of beating a dead horse and focusing on the negative, we decided to give shout outs to the 10 rappers over the years that have glorified and shown appreciation and respect to Black women. It is sad that Hip Hop is over 30 years old Essence.com could only find 10 songs and most of them are…

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2 thoughts on “10 Hip Hop Songs that Uplift Black Woman

  1. In addition to the list of hip hop songs that uplift black women are
    1) dead prez- black Rose
    2) black star (mos def&talib)-brown skin lady
    3) masta killa-queen
    4)ghostface killah- camay
    5)Nyg’z -black butterfly
    6)papoose& remy martin- black love

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