Mulata? Morena? Not anymore!: The power and liberation of recognizing one’s self as black

Black Brazil Today

Luma Luma de Oliveira

Note from BW of Brazil: Today at BW of Brazil, we bring you yet another powerful piece from the ladies over at the great blog Blogueiras Negras. It goes without saying that the Blogueiras Negras blog is a favorite here at BW of Brazil because these women fully explore the meanings and realities of being a black women in Brazilian society. We have featured a number of their pieces here because their thoughts represent voices of resistance, consciousness and the other side of Brazil that the Brazilian mainstream media and society itself like to pretend doesn’t exist. The vast majority of major websites coming out Brazil, while they will touch on the issue of racism occasionally, will never truly give consistent space to the thoughts and opinions of Brazilians of African descent who fully identify with “the struggle” and express the realities that affect this…

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