Successful model Samira Carvalho speaks on the “ethnic” label and being black in the modeling industry

Black Women of Brazil

Samira Carvalho 4

Note from BW of Brazil: Let’s be clear about something. Brazil doesn’t have a shortage of black models. And, according to the comments this blog receives, the country is also not lacking beautiful black women. What is lacking though is equal opportunity for black models. If you haven’t heard, Brazil’s major fashion events have a routine habit of presenting Brazilian women to the world as if the country were somewhere in Europe. This despite the fact that the census shows that 51% of Brazilians define themselves as non-white. Samira Carvalho is a one of the few black Brazilian models (along with Emanuela de Paula and Laís Ribeiro) who has managed to find success in the fashion world. But don’t mistake it; this doesn’t mean she isn’t aware of how black women are perceived and treated in society, particularly in the fashion industry. Below are just…

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