“Choose Wisely”: If Black Women Chose Wisely, A Black Man Might Not Be Chosen.


Theblack community loves to tell Black Women to “choose wisely”, but hate to admit there isn’t enough choices of eligible Black Men.

The black community loves to place sole blame for failing black families onto the shoulders of black women. The other day, I came across a post on Facebook, Where a Black woman was discussing Donald Trump, and his proposal for reduction in welfare benefits, and unpaid maternal leave. Specifically how this will affect single black mothers. Of course anytime welfare is brought up, black women come into the minds of many automatically. The post centered on telling black women to “choose wisely”, and celebrate this proposed policy in helping black women do as such. Here is what she said:

“After trump cut off you females cheap and free housing food stamps and all other government benefits and goodies that you get for having bastard children with…

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