Oprah isn’t a success for black people. Oprah is a success for Oprah.

I’m tired of the same black issues being recycled over and over again for as long as I can remember black people have been talking about the same issues, police brutality, interracial dating, lack of black representation in the media blah blah blah year after year it never changes, everytime the topics come up a so-called expert is reeled out to discuss the topics without ever coming to a conclusion or solution.

Well here is what I think, the reason why all this is happening is because in the black community there is too much emphasis put on individuality, we think that if a black person is a success then that is a success for the whole black community, yet unless that person is giving back to the community they are just a success for themselves. Oprah being a success is for Oprah not for black people, if she gave money to build a strong black community in the US for example giving money for black businesses and black education for example then she would be a success for the black community but she doesn’t do this, or if she does it’s not being promoted.

When you go to school and learn about all these so-called white heroes like Christopher Columbus and Abraham lincoln these were men who gave back to the white community that’s why they were heroes.

We have to join together and build as a community, pooling our money together supporting black businesses and most importantly supporting each other