The Black Love Deficiency

This is bang on point. I couldn’t agree more.

Bulma's Bantu Knots

My husband was recently asked to be the DP of another project which, aside from having a trailer that had nothing to do with the film, was characterized mostly by what the filmmaker told us was a ‘diverse couple’ that he couldn’t wait to bring to the screen.

The diverse couple you ask? A white woman and a black man.

How very original.


In a world full of romance story lines in every genre, it is disheartening how often times ‘diverse’ couples miss the mark when it comes to showing black couples in TV and film.

Outside of what are considered blackfilms or shows (and even those sometimes), shows and movies that are considered mainstream or “normal” films, aka media that can be watched by majority of Americans with limited gripe…we just don’t see a lot of black couples on screen.


I mean, let’s look for some current shows.

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Black men who love black women

Some black people date people of other races because truthfully they are running away from being black and don’t want the reminder. White people have a different experience in this world and some black people want to tap into that, but trying to tap into that means in most cases they lose who they are so they never have true intimacy with their partner because they’re not fully being themselves. I love black women because I’m understood by them, because they’re going through the same thing, but worse, we don’t even need to talk, I only have to look in her eyes she understands my pain, she knows where it hurts, she’s got my back and I’ve got hers. Getting with a white person will never take that pain away in most cases it makes it worse, because if you can’t express something so personal to the one you love without being ridiculed or dismissed it causes stress. That’s why I love black women, oh and the fact that they look damn good too. Black love is an amazing thing.

R.L Marseille, France

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Black men who love black women

I have many friends who complain about interracial relationships on a day to day basics. As soon as someone black has a white partner they are all over social media writing endless comments about them being sellouts blah blah blah, yet they fail to mention regularly the black couples, the famous black couples, the Smiths, the LeBrons, the Washingtons etc. They fail to celebrate them, which I think sends a bad message to their children. Sadly many of the people who complain are single. I don’t tell my children to date black. I show them why and how they should everyday of my life, by openly loving my black queen, having fun and showing my queen PDA, (public displays of affection) this way my boys learn how to treat a black woman and my girls learn how to be treated by a black man and the world knows I’m not afraid to love my woman openly. Don’t tell them, show them.

Jerry, US

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Black men who love black women

When I first met my wife. I had dreams of starting my own internet business but then I got lazy and starting drifting, working in dead end jobs coming home unhappy. Every morning she would nag me and be on my case about following my dream. I was bringing in money what was her problem I used to think, we nearly broke up on numerous occasions because of it. Then one day I was laid off. I came home and told her I’d had enough, we sat up all night strategizing. I swear she was coming up with things I hadn’t even thought off. Five years on. I’m my own boss and the business is doing well. I’m so much happier and I owe it all to her. I swear. Black women make you great.

Andre, London, UK

Pic via black couple revolution