Melanin and water: oil paintings by Oresegun Olumide 

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Hyper-realistic portraits of black children explore the beauty of youth through the medium of oil painting.

Oresegun Olumide is atalented painter who creates hyper-realistic portraits using oil colors. Her work is breathtaking. The rich hues carve out dramatic depth and detail, high lighting the beauty of melanin and water.

An untrained eye could easily confuse these images for real photographs of people. The realism is stricking.

Check out more of Olumide’s work on Instagram.

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We’ve all heard and read the statistics of black women who maintain that there are no good black men available, that all the good ones prefer to date outside of their race, and that all black men are cheaters. Let’s finally lay those myths to rest.

First of all, the definition of a good black man varies from one woman to another. One woman might define him as a suit-and-tie professional with a six-figure income. Others might view him as a successful small business owner with no higher education, but a moderate income or a hard working blue collar brotha that goes to a 9-5 every day. Others might include an involved father, a fly dresser, or other qualifiers in their definition. Because the attributes of a good black man vary so greatly, no one man can possibly fit that generalization for every woman.

Although, statistics indicate that black…

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Melanin illustrated 

MELANIN ILLUSTRATED. This is what 10 years of serving looks like.|| #thisistite || 📸 @javmereb .

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Black Men, We Need To Do Better For Black Women!


black couple

Before I begin, I want to make something loud and clear. This rant was not written for the satisfaction and ego boast of the white male ego, nor is it to absolve all the things I’ve blogged about concerning racism. Hell yes, racism is a major issue, but it’s NOT the only issue. And lastly, this is not a distraction from what some of you deem are “real issues” that hark back to racism. Once again, racism is still a problem. I wholeheartedly agree. But so is misogyny, or in our case, misogynoir, and we need to stop being punk-ass cowards and confront this issue inflicted against black women partly by black men.

With that said, let me say something simple and yet powerfully true. Black men can not be pro-black if they are not pro-black women. You can’t fight for black people if you leave black women out or…

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Kaepernick Needs To Re-Image What?

Nothing but the truth.

On Yesterday Mike Vick former NFL Quarterback and convicted felon was on a show called Speak For Yourself and weighed in on why Colin Kaepernick is not employed by an NFL team yet.

Vick speaking on Kaepernick’s on field play is one thing (even though he had a better 2016 season than almost half the Quarterbacks) but speaking about his image, and how he does not need to represent himself in that way is another. I want to pose these questions to people who agree with Vick, What is wrong with Kaepernick’s image? What is wrong with his hair? Why must he have a clean cut? Why does he need to reinvent himself? 

Before I dive into answering those questions let’s take a look back at what the New York Giants co-owner said about fans view on Kaepernick.

All my years being in the league, I never received…

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Family is Forever


The Black family is legendary. A family that stands stronger together through love and prayer, but also knows how to sit back and “kick it”. A family is the basis for any person. They teach you the basics of life. From the time you start walking you become a piece of a never-ending puzzle because family is forever. I just came from a family BBQ with music, good food, and just love. I mean it was amazing how the energy from being around family can really just uplift your spirits.

But there’s something special about being apart of a black family. and you never really understand how much of a blessing it is until you are truly a part of one. I mean lets just break it down as if this were a banana split. For a banana split you have to have two bananas, and metaphorically this is the…

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