​When Dove lies…

So much of the white-racial ego is invested in maintaining the feminine supremacy of the white female that every possible measure is utilized to marginalize and minimize the sexual allure of the dark-skinned Black woman. For example, in the mass media wherever one would ordinarily expect to see Black women…alongside Black men…we instead see biracial and virtually white women. 
We see this in ‘Black’ movies and white movies…in music videos and in TV adverts featuring a ‘Black’ couples. I could go on and on because the drive to maintain the impression of Black women as the least attractive goes on and on! But the mind has means of leaking its truth. 
For example, because the white male imagination is so sexually preoccupied with the Black female that it sees her allegedly ‘ugly’ characteristics such as her prominent posterior and mouth…and then sees fit to elevate white women with these very same cosmetically-created traits to global icon status. 
Why is this? 
One reason is that it finally gives white men the opportunity to publicly obsess over the very bodily and facial traits their fragile racial egos would not normally allow when these characteristics are attached to their real racial fixation…Black women! Another reason is that it gives white women the go-ahead to seek out these preferred Black female traits surgically without being accused of ‘wanting to be ‘Black’ because their direct reference points are white women such as Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie. 
Those who can recall the 1980s movie ‘10’ starring Bo Derek, know exactly what I mean here!
But my overriding point here is that if you examine white male behaviour closely…and that of white women…even closer…then you will see that their dark obsession…and the subject of their collective admiration and envy …is…in fact…the Black woman!
(c) Menelik Charles.

Stealth Combat


It’s hard to fight what you can’t see.

I remember reading something once about how to fight your enemy. It may have been The Art of War but I can’t remember. Essentially, you distance yourself from your enemy completely leaving him to wonder what’s going on. When confronted, instead of giving them an answer for your standoffish behaviour, you dance, bob and weave yourself around them til they are dizzy and even more confused.

Have you ever distanced yourself from a man or woman that you really weren’t interested in? You don’t have to say or do much, but they’ll begin to sense, almost immediately, that something isn’t quite right.

And it will drive them crazy.

A reader once told me that blacks don’t have to do anything to white people to defeat them. Just focus on bettering ourselves and loving each other. Whatever reality we create for ourselves, they…

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Are white women more supportive than black women?

Hell NO.
Sometimes I think black people look at white people and think they have a problem free existence because of their whiteness, living an idylic life in houses surrounded by picket fences, with the friendliest of neighbours, men coming home after a hard day at work, with their dinner on the table, served by a smiling housewife who looks sexy in an apron, and gazes lovingly at them as they explain their hard day at work, rewarding them later with a night full of passion, including lots and lots of oral sex because as we all know white women love to give plenty of oral sex, right? WRONG. Its this fantasy that has many white men running to Russia and Asian for mail order brides and why the divorce rate amongst white couples is so high with many white men feeling their white wives just aren’t catering to them anymore.


I am a black man who was brought up by a white family in a white neighbourhood, who occasionally went to see my black family so I had the best of both worlds. I’ve dated both black and white women and I can tell you from personal experience and looking around at all of the white friends I grew up, with who are dating or married to white women, that white women definitely are not more supportive than black women.
In fact. I would go as far as to say black women are more supportive than white women to their spouse, black boys and men in general.
Recently I heard one white woman go as far as to say that “white women treat their men like humans whilst black women treat their men like property”, my white friend Dave and I got a good laugh out of that one, with him claiming his ex-wife didn’t see him as property, but more as her own personal cash machine. The other was “white women don’t nag as much as much as black women”, Dave almost spat out his drink at this one stating that he had never dated a black woman but if I went to an after work drinking session or a poker night amongst men and asked the white men there if their wives weren’t nags, the men there would think I was the comical entertainment for the night.


When I hear black men say white women are more supportive than black women, it automatically makes me think that they’re weak, insecure pampered mommy’s boys masquerading as men.
I personally think some black men who feel this way, feel emasculated by ambitious black women and as a way to get back at them and to feel better about themselves create stupidity like this.
I also feel they like to compare themselves to other races and feel left behind thinking that the white women submits to the white man, which couldn’t be anymore further from the truth, white women only submit to their man, if he is a leader, has good judgement and has a plan just like most black women do, just like most women do. If not then she walks all over the man. If white women happily submitted to white men all the time, there definitely wouldn’t be any feminist movements.


What confuses me even more is how some black men think white women are supportive to black men. Now talking in general terms do white women in powerful positions help black men on the corporate ladder? you’d think after all the sexism they’ve experienced as white women they would lend a helping hand. Especially as they’ve been the main beneficiaries of affirmative action. Nope again.
Do they listen when a black man comes home after facing racism at work? Now in my experience and after talking to many black men who have dated white women the answer is a strong no, instead they were met with lines like I’m a woman I know how it feels, or get rid of that chip on your shoulder, which begs the question if it’s that bad to be a white woman today, think how bad must be for a black woman.
So back to the original question why do black men think white women are more supportive?
My take is it’s black men who grew up watching too much TV who think like this after being manipulated by the white dominated programs and movies on constant rotation like ‘The Blindside’, a movie which is portrays a white woman raising a black boy, movies and programs which rarely if ever feature black people unless it’s in a negative light or needing help. I think programs and movies like this blind black boys to the black mother in the kitchen cooking, cleaning washing and ironing their clothes, the black mother who had their back when they were wrongly accused of stealing from a shop by a racist security guard, the black mother who stood by their fathers when they lost their job and then to make ends meet took on two jobs. The type of black women who started the blacklivesmatter movement or the black women on the front line of every black movement since before and after the civil rights movement.
Now in my own experience after having dating both black and white women, black women have your back in tough situation a hell of a lot more than white women, there’s been times when I’ve been in some really rough situations, and it was my black girlfriend who was by my side no matter what, she was the one who listened intently to my problems as I explained to her about the racism I’d experienced at work or at the hands of the police a far cry away from my white girlfriend who would somehow try to make the situation about her, a trait I’ve noticed in many white women when the issue of racism comes up.


But………………There was a time when white women were really supportive of their men though………………………and that was when they were putting chains around black people’s neck. Just my opinion.

Rashid ‘Gama’ Ashiru

She matches my blackness 

I’ve learned there’s 3 things I should change about a woman…

Her last name, her address, and the way she feels about men…

I’ve learned there’s 3 things I should be to a woman…

Her spiritual leader, her security, and her best friend…

I’ve learned there’s 3 things I should say to a woman…

I love you, I got you, and don’t worry about a thing…

I’ve learned there’s 3 things I should give to a woman…

My last name, my ring, and my everything…

I’ve learned there’s 3 things I should accept from a woman…

Her children, her prayers, and her heart…

I’ve learned there’s 3 things I should listen for in a woman…

Her dreams, her thoughts, and her cries…

I’ve learned there’s 3 things I should see in a woman…

Her value, her loyalty, and her smile…

I’ve learned there’s 3 things I should cherish in a woman…

Her laughter, her kisses, and her love~

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Kevin waters

Pic via #blackcouplerevolution