Black families matter


Black love over everything. Everything they say bad about us. I will crush. There’s still plenty of amazing black fathers and mothers, strong black families and loving couples. I do this because they try to say we don’t exist, so…. I consciously over validate black people, because after the war that has been waged against us. We need it.

I salute you black fathers


I just want to give a big hand to the black fathers out there who love and raise their kids with no credit, people have said to me why should we give credit to a man who is doing what he is supposed to be doing? The reason why is because the fact that their are still even black fathers around after our history and the bashing they get from the media is a miracle in its self. Men from other races haven’t been hounded and attacked as much as black men have and for this reason I salute you.

My Children Need a Daddy


Been out all day with the lil ones and people acted like never seen a group of men with there kids and its was sooo many people just shaking our hands and telling us how beautiful the kids were…even had a lady say “My children need a daddy!”
but just to tell yall…every black man is not a deadbeat it’s just be the men yall choose to have a kid by!!

Erion Jackson

via The Positive Black Images they Never Show You