Beyoncé makes major boss moves for Vogue’s September Issue


Courtesy of Vogue

It ain’t nothing to a boss. Music Icon makes history again.

Beyoncé takes Vogue literally. Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour has given Beyoncé  “unprecedented control” over the September 2018 issue, sources reveal. Beyoncé’s contract includes full control over the cover, the photos inside the magazine, and the captions.

According to sources, Beyoncé wrote the captions herself in long-form. This is the first time Vogue has handed over all creative and editorial control to the featured subject. Although, Beyoncé didn’t do an interview, in her last Vogue cover in 2015.

If you thought Beychella or her charitable clothing line with Balmain was Beyconcé’s height. You are sadly mistaken! Beyoncé has hired the first black photographer to shoot a cover for the publication since its existence 126 years ago. The trailblazing photographer is Tyler Mitchell, 23.

Mitchell is no stranger to high-profile shoots. Mitchell has also shot for Marc…

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