Black Man Listen


Black Man Listen

Before, we didn’t have to curse u

& yell like this

Things were different befo we got on

Dem slave ships

Back then, u valued your queen’s


Wasn’t no trouble gettin yo ass to


Seems now yellin

Is the best way to get ya fuqn


Back then, a queen was her king’s fuqn


But then ya massa told u tht we

Were beneath u

Now it seems u only coping

Everything he do

N u wonder why

Black women have attitudes

Ignorant to the fact tht we have

ALWAYS stood by u

N on God’s green earth put

NOTHING above u

N now, when we need u much more

Than ever

U wanna bail cuz u jus can’t take

Tht pressure

So u put it down, n I

Pick up tht weight

N u like ‘yeah, it’s abt time dat u

Gettin a…

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