Black business – 28 Days to Healthier Skin!

Sir Wall ~ Lifestyle Ambassador

I often feel tremendously blessed that my folks have great genes and passed them on to me in the area of “good” skin. For the most part, all of my life, my skin has been an asset. Requiring little to no maintenance, I could still have a decent face-to-face engagement which has been pretty crucial for my career in Media and Brand Ambassadorship. People are kinda my thing. Now as I age and endure the hardships of life, sometimes it can reflect or maybe it’s just the wear and tear of survival or maybe it’s all in my head or a tinge of “vanity” – no matter the reason, today new skincare products arrived fromMenSkin(Skin Company/Men Skin). I’m trying something new/different and adding to my current skincare routine. Introducing #skinco Charcoal Cleanser, Dark Circle Defense and Moisturizing Balm for nighttime defense, hydration and protection. Cleverly enough, the…

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