Black business -Motherland clothing

Motherland clothing is a new clothing brand based in the UK for men and women that strives to inspire through Fashion. Its logo of a pregnant woman is testimony to that fact and signifies ‘It’s time to bring our positive ideas to the world, at the same time acknowledging our human roots. Our motherland and that no matter where you are you can claim the source my other land, my motherland’ The brand wants to promote the fact that we are one, which is very important in these times and that we can promote Africa’s great feats through fashion with pride. “It’s the feeling you get when people ask you where you got your t shirt or sweater and see in your eyes how proud you are of your human roots. Of Africa. The positive emotions/vibes people get is what helps us keep going” says the brand creator Tapiwa Rwanga when asked why people should wear Motherland clothing.

You can find Motherland clothing on instagram/facebook under Motherland Apparel.

Written by Toyin Ashiru

#blackbusiness #blackfashion

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