Black men who love black women

I was on the subway the other day, when the most beautiful woman I have ever seen walked on. Now I’m not one of those every black woman is a queen brothas, but I swear the way she walked with her head up high, her style and grace, her jewellery, her clothes and her dreadlocks wrapped up into a bun she genuinely looked like a queen, she sat opposite me but didn’t notice me, which I was glad about because I couldn’t stop staring at her, and pulled out her tablet. Now I’m looking up, asking God for her to get off at my stop and like a miracle we get to my stop and she gets up. Yes I think and thank the heavens. In the corner of the carriage there was a white couple making out. I decide ‘I’m just gonna compliment the woman and keep it moving’. So I look at her and truthfully tell her she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, ‘corny as hell I know, but it was true’ she smiled and gracefully said “thank you” though I could see she was glowing. I looked up to saw the white couple just looking at me in shock. The carriage doors opened and I was on my way. I thought to myself ‘yes that’s what we do as black men we compliment our women’. About a week later I saw her again, she smiled at me and this time she came over and spoke to me. She’s now my wife and I’m the happiest man alive. True story.

Eric, US

Pic via black couple revolution


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