Tales from a black man who loves black women

I’ve been with my girlfriend, now for couple of years, she’s a stunning Cuban woman, we’d been dating for about a year and she always wore a weave, now I love black women with natural hair and all the women I dated before her had natural hair, but it didn’t matter to me and I never mentioned it, she still always looked good, then one day we’re. chilling at her place watching a Tego calderón video (a puerto Rican rapper, with strong black consciousness) and in his video there were all these beautiful black women with afros. We’re both vibing to the video when she turns to me and says “do you like women with afros”, I told her the truth “me encanta” which means I love it, she didn’t say anything and just carried on watching the video, about a month later she comes to my place with a full afro and hasn’t worn weave since and still me encanta.

Gonzalo, Dominican Republic

Pic of the woman with an afro http://views.ng/6-beauty-healthy-tips/beautiful-black-woman/

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