Black businesses matter

Black businesses struggle more during great economies because the black worker is able to, and chooses to work for the large corporation. Blacks are coerced by “employment”. When government speaks on black economics, it all has to do with jobs we have or are able to get. Jobs is what we yearned for back in the mid-20th century. It caused us to vote for certain politicians, move to certain cities and put up with certain work conditions.

We did it all for “work”. Today, those ideals haven’t shifted much and so haven’t our situations. We are still looking for “work” in the safest places instead of focusing on nation-building. True, we all can’t be or have an interest in being entrepreneurs or business owners. However, we should all be deliberate in where we take our work skills and who are able to capitalize on them. We MUST stop the black economic struggle. We MUST stop allowing society to compare blacks and poor whites, as if we are both the same. It’s an insult!

We MUST begin building businesses, shopping at them or working for them, even if it causes us inconvenience. That inconvenience will be temporary, like the Montgomery Bus Boycott, until our economic sustainability is established!

Via black business matter

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