I used to think white guys dating black women were cool. Now I Side-Eye the f*** out of them.


Black while navigating white-space

nagging suspicion (5).gif Invited to the cookout? I don’t think so.

When I was in my early twenties, I always  give props to those white guys who sought after black women.  Young and ignorant, I always said, “Being with a woman makes you a man, but being with a black woman makes you a Superman!”

The magic behind the white friend who dates black women is the level of extra commonality (which I now know as counterfeit), that isn’t present in the common white man.  You see, being black in America we always have to code-switch and be mindful that your world as a white person isn’t our world at all.  It’s very much like we are pretending to be white in a white world, while knowing good and well that we are not.  And in socializing in whiteface we tend to take care of the needs — automatically…

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