Eshu – The decisions you make

In IFA: Orisa Scientific Spirituality, Eshu is the Yoruba deification of the reality that the condition of your life (as an adult) is the result of the decisions and indecisions you made at the crossroads.

You can blame everything on someone or something else, but Olodumaré gives us all the asé to transcend any obstacle (this is called Shango). If we have not transcended it, it is because we have failed to make the right decisions at the crossroads.

Most of us don’t want to acknoweldge this because it’s easier to blame external factors. Being forced to be the change in your life (instead of waiting on a ghost savior from the sky) is very scary for people. That’s why they demonize Eshu, though Eshu is not a demon. Eshu is just the decisions/indecisions you make.

Via Orisha Scientific spirituality