Black men (collectively) aren’t being men

The gripes I’ve been hearing from black men about black women having too much attitude, being too demanding and too independent aren’t the fault of black women but the fact that black men aren’t being real men, taking responsibility for their actions and protecting their own women. Now we could talk all day about what being a man is, but I feel we’re all agreed that a man is supposed to protect provide and lead. If a man doesn’t do these things, he’s not a man. 

“The most disrespected person on the planet is the black woman”

Neely fuller

Black women are the most disrespected people on the planet because black men have allowed them to be. Many men of other races disrespect black women because they’ve learnt it by watching black men and don’t fear the consequences, now it’s bad enough being disrespected by anyone but worse when it comes from the people who are supposed to be holding you in high esteem and protecting you. Let me give you an example maybe you’re an Asian man, and you get disrespected by white women because of your looks, your skin or even your eyes you might feel a little down about it, but you can always be rest assured that your own women will still have love for you. Black women don’t have that assurance.

In truth when you’re a group of men who don’t protect your women and children you’re the laughing stock of the whole world, and who knows better about men protecting their women than the black man, who felt the heavy consequences of this every since slavery, most of it orchestred by the white woman or in the mind of the white men. Yes the same women black men flock to.

Why do you protect your own women? I’ve been asked this question way too many times. You protect them because if your women are demoralised the more likely they are to raise dysfunctional children who will continue the cycle of hate and resentment. The female transfers values and nurtures the next generation, whilst the male is the leader,the protecter and provider. 

When black guys publicly provide and protect for white women the black female rightfully feels hate and resentment towards black men, because that protection, was supposed to be given to her, she then views those black males as her enemies, she has no incentive to be loyal because he isn’t giving her any financial or emotional support, and she will then focus all her attention on her grievances with the black male whilst the black child sits and watches and the cycle continues. 

Rashid ‘Gama’ Ashiru


The Interracial Con Game by Umoja 

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