​When Dove lies…

So much of the white-racial ego is invested in maintaining the feminine supremacy of the white female that every possible measure is utilized to marginalize and minimize the sexual allure of the dark-skinned Black woman. For example, in the mass media wherever one would ordinarily expect to see Black women…alongside Black men…we instead see biracial and virtually white women. 
We see this in ‘Black’ movies and white movies…in music videos and in TV adverts featuring a ‘Black’ couples. I could go on and on because the drive to maintain the impression of Black women as the least attractive goes on and on! But the mind has means of leaking its truth. 
For example, because the white male imagination is so sexually preoccupied with the Black female that it sees her allegedly ‘ugly’ characteristics such as her prominent posterior and mouth…and then sees fit to elevate white women with these very same cosmetically-created traits to global icon status. 
Why is this? 
One reason is that it finally gives white men the opportunity to publicly obsess over the very bodily and facial traits their fragile racial egos would not normally allow when these characteristics are attached to their real racial fixation…Black women! Another reason is that it gives white women the go-ahead to seek out these preferred Black female traits surgically without being accused of ‘wanting to be ‘Black’ because their direct reference points are white women such as Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie. 
Those who can recall the 1980s movie ‘10’ starring Bo Derek, know exactly what I mean here!
But my overriding point here is that if you examine white male behaviour closely…and that of white women…even closer…then you will see that their dark obsession…and the subject of their collective admiration and envy …is…in fact…the Black woman!
(c) Menelik Charles.

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