Being Attractive To The Modern Black Man


Staring confusedly into the mirror, I wearily look at my all too simple short hair and decide whether to do my eyebrows or not.. (This eyebrows thing has become a big thing lately) I think of all the ideas the modern black woman needs to adhere to, to be attractive to the modern black just feels like so much pressure. 

From the rooted expectations of parents born in the struggle
“You should be able to cook for your husband!”
“Eat your pap! No man likes a thin woman”
“Don’t be so opinionated! Nobody will want to marry you”
To the modern world desperately seeking to do nothing more than alter her to be less… “black”
“Gym and eat salads, thin is healthy”
” fix your hair, it needs to be long and wavy”
“Don’t be silenced, you have the right to freedom of speech”
She’s always caught between the…

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