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Celebrating Our Ancestors


Black liberals are found all around the world – they are the ones that rose up out of shackles, did not belittle or pity themselves to circumstance but through great feats of their own, showed that the black race, the Yahudah (Judah) tribe, Khem (Egyptian) peoples, Africans and all their descendants are the true Kings and Queens, and the true children of Yiśrāʾēl

These activists taught us to be unafraid, strong, determined and to never back down. Never falter in the mission of Black History Reinstatement. Black Upliftment. Black Power. Black Progression.

Our ancestors have made known to us that it is a God infused right for all peoples to be pursue their greatest dream, and manifest their greatest destiny.

Let us honour them in this month and remember all they have done to advance the human race.

malcolmx  Malcolm X ( born as Malcolm Little): Born a King. I…

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Ode to Black Love

Broken Hearts, Split Ends, and Chocolate: Life Wrapped in a Blog

Photo Credit:Truly Garesia

Dear Black Love,

You’ve shaped my greatness.


The Grateful Brown Girl

Today is the day – the annual day of “love.” Engagements will happen. Flowers, cards, candy and romantic gestures will highlight social media timelines. Restaurants will be packed with lovers sharing meals and laughs. Others will be cuddled on the couch watching a movie or two. And some will be reflective of their love lives – either relishing in how far they’ve come or reflecting on where they went wrong. The scale of emotions will run at an all-time high today in comparison to other days of the year. Me, I take this day for what it is – a commercialized way of saying “I love or deeply care about you.” But I don’t brush it off or chalk it up as just a way for companies to make money off of people. I…

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Black Business Spotlight: Mocha Girls Pit Stop

Black SOULutions

Self-empowerment for women is an important trait that gets overlooked. When dealing with black women, there are many mental factors that can keep them from progressing in life. Whether it is the media or even in the workplace, Black women are portrayed in a negative light. Mocha Girls Pit Stop is an upcoming platform where women of color are inspired to achieve great heights in their life.

Mocha Girls Pit Stop is a blog created by Terri Lomax in 2012. The goal of the blog is to create a safe space for black and brown women to be vulnerable, celebrated, and encouraged. Lomax wants to reshape how black women are viewed in society. This was inspired by Lomax’s tough upbringing in which she was verbally and physically abused by her mother.

I developed a deep-seeded self-hatred that negatively affected every area of my life. Often times I walked…

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A 24-year-old Nigerian physics student builds a working helicopter from old car and bike parts


FLYING HIGH: Mubarak FLYING HIGH: Mubarak Muhammad Abdullahi

A 24-YEAR-OLD physics student from Nigeria has built a working helicopter out of old car and bike parts.

Mubarak Muhammed Abdullahi spent eight months building the model, using the money he makes from repairing cellphones and computers.

While some of the parts have been sourced from a crashed 747, the chopper contains parts from cars and bikes.

The 12-meter-long aircraft, which has never flown above a height of seven feet, is powered by a secondhand 133 horsepower engine from a Honda Civic.

In the basic cockpit there are two Toyota car seats, with a couple more in the cabin behind.

Controls contain an ignition button, an accelerator lever to control vertical thrust and a joystick that provides balance and bearing.

A camera beneath the chopper connected to a small screen on the dash gives the pilot ground vision, and he communicates via a small transmitter.

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The Joy and “Unity” that Anti-Black Misogyny Brings

I want to start a new theme, which is called Real Talk Friday. Now as you may have noticed I like to keep the blog 100% positive, but I understand that sometimes there’s some issues that need to be addressed, so I’d like to welcome you to Real Talk Friday,where I present an issue either written by me or reblogged, concerning an something that happened in the week. This week’s article is about RACIST George Lopez’s nasty comments about black people and towards a black woman in the crowd.


Recently a video of comedian, George Lopez, has been circling social media. In the clip, it is Lopez at one of his stand-up shows cracking a joke about Mexicans’ two rules:

“Don’t marry somebody black and don’t park in front of our house.”

A black woman in the audience stood up and expressed her distaste for his joke. Lopez took notice of her apparent disapproval and responded by telling her to “sit the f*ck down” and if she can’t take a joke, she should leave. The cherry on top was that proceeded to call the woman out of her name. He called her a “bitch” to be exact. As for the audience, they applauded and cheered Lopez on as he continued to cuss the woman out. No one stood up for her. They were all overjoyed about Lopez’s tirade.

Naturally, Black women in particular, took offense to Lopez’s behavior. He…

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